Aster Seed ( Annual )

TRM665 Teisa Stars Mix
Very compact, needle ray flowered, double flowers. Plants only grow about 6 inches tall. Excellent basket plant.
 50mg Pack ( about 25 seeds ) $1.95
FA64 Gala Mix Aster
Very upright, sturdy stem, 4" fully double pincushion flower, terrific cut flower. Grows 32 inches tall, blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  Package of 25 seeds $1.95
FA65 Giant Ray Mix Aster
Bushy, well branched, highly double 5" flowers with long, finely pointed, needle shaped petals, great cutflower. Grows 24 inches tall, blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  Package of 25 seeds $1.95
IP065 Pavlova Tiger Paw Mix Aster
Tall double, long stems, incurved and twisted claw-like petals, basal branched, neat cutflower. Grows 30 inches tall, blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  50mg package ( about 25-30 seeds ) $1.95
BM97 1000 Wonders MixAster
Dwarf, large double blooms, well branched, long flowering bedding plant. Grows 8 inches tall, blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  75mg Package ( about 25 seeds ) $1.95
3001 Duchesse Mix ( Aster )
Double peony-type ball flowered mix for country garden or cut, stong stem, late flowering August-Sept., wide color range, grows 28" tall. Annual.
  80mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.15
3004 Milady Mix ( Aster }
Compact late flowering pot aster, bushy, large round double Duchesse-type flowers, grows 10" tall. Annual.
  75mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.15
BM36 Hulk ( Aster sp. )
One-of-a-kind "petal-free" Aster has a super-long shelf life when cut!
A lot prettier than its moniker would imply, but just as large, green and impressive as its famous namesake! This niche variety produces sturdy stems topped with golden-yellow disks that are ringed with collars of green bracts - completely petal-free! High disease resistance and an extremely long life in the vase make this specialty Aster one of the year's most fashionable choices. Annual. 20 - 24".
  Package of 25 seeds $2.50