Agapanthus Seed ( Perennial )

Agapanthus africanus ( Lily of the Nile ) is native to Southern Africa. It is grown for the dark, glossy, strap-shaped leaves that arch gracefully. Flowers are borne on long erect stems 3 feet or taller. Agapanthus make good background plants or edging along a fence, driveway, or wall. These plants can thrive on conditions of neglect and naturalize readily. They also make excellent tub and container specimens and can be used in cut flower arrangements. In cold winter areas they can be brought indoors for the winter.
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2974 Blue Umbrella ( Agapanthus )
Evergreen in Southern gardens, it thrives in moist, sunny sites, hardy to zone 7, grown as an annual in cold states, perennial in warmer states. Grows about 48" tall.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.35
JF243 Peter Pan ( Agapanthus )
Dwarf, bushy, swordlike leaf, many blue flowers. Grows only about 48" tall. Hardy to zone 7 outside.
  Package of 25 seeds $3.95
TRN288 Blue Lily of the Nile( Agapanthus africanus )
Easily grown from seed this popular plant is for warmer zones or the greenhouse. It develops a tremendous quantity of long strap-like green leaves which will flow over the sides of a container.
Numerous erect flower stems rise from the leaf mass and they are topped by a large display of violet-blue funnel form flowers. Grows about 24" tall. Hardy to zone 7 outside.
 85mg pack ( about 20 seeds ) $2.75
JF244 Giant White Lily of the Nile( Agapanthus africanus )
A unique white version. Good cut or dry flower for arrangements. Grows about 36" tall. Hardy to zone 7 outside.
  Package of 25 seeds $2.95