Amaranth ( Chinese Spinach ) Seeds

Useful gardening information

Amaranth grows vigorously in most climates and needs a minimum of water. Both the leaves, which taste like spinach, and the seeds contain a high concentration of lysine, an essential amino acid lacking in all of the world’s main cereal crops. One study conducted in Denmark concluded that the addition of amaranth to other cereal flours improved protein quality without affecting energy utilization. A study published in the Journal of Food Science concluded that amaranth is also highly suitable for utilization in infant formulas. The seeds can be used for breads, pastries, or can be popped like corn. In addition to its high fiber, calcium and iron, amaranth also has two times more calcium than milk. When used in combination with wheat, corn or brown rice Amaranth offers a complete protein as high in food value as fish, red meat or poultry. Cooked amaranth has a total digestibility of about 90%. Amaranth’s unique nutty flavor makes it a welcome addition to many types of food products.

Sowing Instructions

Sow outdoors 1-2 weeks before the last frost date. Or sow indoors 4 weeks early. Barely cover the seeds. Thin to 12-18" apart. Full sun. Easy to grow.

Informative articles found on the web:

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TST094 Red Garnet ( Amaranthus tricolor )
Beautiful dark red/fuchsia blooms top large plants that can reach up to 10 feet tall! Beyond its aesthetic qualities, young leaves can be used for greens, and flower heads fill with seeds that can be toasted and eaten as grains.
Because of its stunning height, seed-filled flower heads make a great source of food for goldfinches and other birds flying by. Makes a wonderfully nutritious micro-green as well!
  4.1g package ( about 1600 seeds ) $2.95
FA112 Asia Red Amaranth ( Amaranthus hypochondriacus )
Large pink-red leaf, very delicious, adds color to your garden!
  50mg package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.50
BM37 Autumn Pallet ( Amaranthus cruentus )
Fall hues, bronze to light orange, wide spikes, dark green leaf, long lasting cut or for border, grows about 36" tall, flowers 6 weeks from seed.
  50mg package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.50
BM38 Autumn Touch ( Amaranthus cruentus )
Pistachio green tipped with bronze, broad 24" spikes, dark green leaf, excellent for landscape or cut, grows about 36" tall, flowers 6 weeks from seed.
  50mg package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.50
TRN405 White ( Amaranthus mangostanus )
This variety of edible amaranth, also known as Chinese spinach. Its round, tender, light green leaves and stems contain more iron and calcium than Western spinach. This amaranth will tolerate hot, dry and moist climates. In warm temperatures (68-85°F) it grows fast and produces high yields.
  102mg pack ( about 160 seeds ) $2.95
2061 Golden Giant Amaranth ( Amaranthus hypochondriacus )
6-7 ft. Tender Annual/Reseeding. A striking plant with gold leaves and stems. Produces several ounces of white seeds per plant. Salad quality leaves are best eaten young, either raw or steamed. A bright ornamental that attracts birds to the garden. Sow directly when soil is warm and danger of frost has passed. For earlier crop, plant in flats, transplanting when 4-8 inches tall. Harvesting tips. For cut flowers, pick at the peak of bloom. For use as grain, leave heads on plants until they drop a few seeds. Dry for about a week until brittle.
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