Ammi Seed ( Annual )

3474 Ammi Dara
This is an intriguing novelty for cut flower growers, and it drew a number of nods from growers at the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers conference this year.
Dara produces 4-5" flower panicles that are typical of carrot flowers, but with an intriguing color range of soft, pale pink to rich, dark purple. Lend an airy touch to mixed bouquets by using Dara as a filler.
Height: 40-42"; 24-28" spread. Annual.
 28mg pack ( about 30-35 seeds )$2.75
IP239 Ammi Graceland
This improved selection of Ammi for cut flower production offers more uniform germination and an even production of large umbels on strong, upright stems.
The secondary umbels do not overpower the main flower, allowing a main harvest per sowing.
Ideal for both field and greenhouse cut flower production. Height: 40-56", 12 to 16" spread. Annual.
 28mg pack ( about 25 or more seeds )$2.25
IP022 Black Knight Daucus carota var. sativus
Lots of little, mauve-colored flowers form the 1 1/2-3" umbrella-shaped blooms. This is actually an edible carrot, but it bolts very early making it a nice cut flower addition. Long, sturdy stems help to make it a great filler in arrangements. Height: 42-48". Annual.
 75mg pack ( about 30 seeds )$2.25
TPF010 Bishop's Flower ( Ammi majus )
An erect annual, growing to 3 ft. tall with an abundance of large, 5-6 inch round flower heads made up of small snow white florets. Very similar to Queen Ann's Lace. Wonderful cutflower.
  350mg pack ( over 200 seeeds ) $2.00