Antennaria Seed ( Perennial )

SF154 Pussytoes ( Antennaria dioica )
Pussytoes is a stoloniferous, ground-hugging perennial that produces a foliage mat of spatulate, gray-tomentose basal leaves (to 1" long) rising to only 2-3" tall but spreading to 18" wide.
Corymbs of tiny white to pale pink flowers bloom in late spring to early summer on stems rising to 10" tall. Plants are dioecious (male and female flowers on separate plants), with male flowers typically appearing on shorter flower stalks. Genus name comes from the Latin word antenna in reference to seed hairs which resemble the antennae of some insects.
Each tight flower cluster purportedly resembles the pads or toes of a cat's paw, hence the common name.
Soft, gray foliage is arguably the best ornamental feature of this spreading ground cover. Grows well between paving stones. It is useful as a small area ground cover in rock gardens, border fronts, foundations or other lean, rocky areas in the landscape. Effective atop stone walls. Zones 3 and up.
You will need to start seeds inside, and transplant outside as "plugs".
Start seeds inside in small pots or cells, about 10-12 seeds per cell or pot. After germination, transplant outside, spacing about 12 inches apart. Normal germination time is about 42-70 days.
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