Beets Seed

Useful gardening information

Beets are popular in the home garden because they are relatively easy to grow and practically the whole plant can be eaten. Beets can be grown for their root qualities which include different shapes and sizes as well as red, yellow or white colors. The tops or greens, when young, are excellent in salads and when the plant is older, can be cooked. The greens are even more nutritious than the roots.

Beets prefer a cooler climate although they are tolerant of heat. Temperatures of 60 to 65 F and bright sunny days are ideal for beet plant growth and development. They can withstand cold weather short of severe freezing, making them a good long-season crop.

Beets prefer loose, well-drained soils but will tolerate a wide range. Remove stones and debris since this will hinder growth. In high clay soils, add organic matter to improve soil structure and to help avoid crusting after rainfall. Beets also make an excellent raised bed crop since soils are generally less compacted and there is less foot traffic. Beets are also sensitive to soil acidity. A low soil pH results in stunted growth. They prefer a pH of 6.2 to 6.8 and will tolerate 6.0 to 7.5.

Sowing Instructions

Seed Depth: ½" (13mm)
Germination soil temperature: 75-85º F (24-29ºC)
Days to Germination: 5
Sow indoors: 5 weeks before last frost
Sow outdoors: 3-4 weeks before last frost

* pH range: 6.5-7.5
Growing soil temperature: 65-75º F (18-24ºC)
Spacing in beds: For greens, 2" (5cm) for summer use 3" (7.5 cm), for storage 4" (10cm)

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2418 Early Wonder
An old heirloom, pre-1811 variety.
Early Wonder has it all: tasty, abundant greens, flavorful beets, and early production. Great for mild climates where multiple crops are possible. The greens are as delicious and high in vitamins A and C, iron and potassium.
A dual-purpose beet, with sweet, early-producing, 3-4" roots and extra tall and flavorful tops for harvesting as greens. Cut the 18" tall greens, and use in lieu of spinach, kale or chard.
Perfect pickled, fresh cooked, or in borsch.
  2g Package ( 100+ seeds ) $2.25
TST068 BabyBeat
Our best mini beet, this true baby matures 1.5-2 inch golf ball size, round beets in 10-20 days before all other O/P and hybrid beets.
Skin is dark red, smooth with a small tap root and matures perfectly round, unlike full sized beets planted closer together and harvested young which sometimes are not well proportioned when harvested. Small attractive green tops, deep red interiors. 40 Days.
 2g pack ( about 250 seeds ) $2.75
FB109 Red Ace F1
The best all-around red beet.
Round, smooth, deep red roots grow rapidly and uniformly. Sweet and tender, even when older. Medium-tall, red-veined greens for bunching. Red Ace excels for both fresh market and industry growers due to its wide adaptability and high yield potential of uniformly sized and shaped beets. Good disease tolerance and fast regrowth result in upright, glossy, bright green tops.
F1 ( hybrid ), fast growing, smooth root, heat resistant, mid-size crown, harvest short tops for greens, 53 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 1.75g Package ( over 100 seeds ) $1.95
2021 Burpee Golden
Burpee's, round orange roots which turn golden yellow when cooked and do not bleed like red beets. Delicious beet flavour. Tops are excellent as cooked greens. Best when picked small, but still retain their flavour when larger. Great for salads and pickling.
 1.75g Package ( 100+ seeds ) $1.95
FB108 Ruby Queen
Round root, smooth shoulder, small tap root, fine buttery smooth red interior, extra short tops, 55 days.
 750mg Package ( about 50 seeds ) $1.95
TCB014 Egyptian Turnip Rooted Beetroot
Introduced before 1885, this is a somewhat unusual variety in that the roots are rounded and flattened and grow almost entirely above ground; indeed turnip-shaped. They have very smooth, violet or slate-red skin and deep purple-red flesh of excellent flavor.
A 'must-have' very early beet with a flat dark red root with purple flesh, sweet, very flavorful. This beet is a classic in European cuisine, and is a proven performer not easily improved on. 55 days.
 3.75g Package ( about 300 seeds ) $2.75
IM129 Bulls Blood
Dual Purpose ornamental and edible, large deep red foliage, tolerates low light, 35-60 days.
 1.5g Package ( about 70 seeds ) $1.95
Detroit Dark Red Improved Hybrid
An old time favorite made even better! This one has excellent color, flavor and shape and produces in only 58 days.

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2022 Italian Chioggia
52 days. This Italian heirloom has beautiful pink skin and red and white rings on its interior. Try grating the roots raw into salad as well as cooking them. The greens are mild with a good flavor and can be added to salads or cooked.
  1.2g Package ( about 100 seeds ) $1.95