Callirhoe Seed ( Perennial/Annual )

Winecups, or Purple Mallow Poppy are good for native ground cover, border fronts, rock gardens, native plant gardens, wild gardens, naturalized areas or meadows. Sprawl over a stone wall. Fits well into both formal garden areas as well as wild/naturalized areas.
Sowing Callirhoe Seeds:
Scarify seeds by rubbing with sandpaper. Sow outdoors in the fall, 1/4" deep. Requires a long period of cold-moist stratification. Slow to germinate. Full sun.

SF131 Tall Wine Cups ( Callirhoe leiocarpa )
An annual species that grows from 1-3 feet tall with fuchsia colored flowers The leaves are scalloped or cleft. Blooms early summer into fall. Blooms spring to midsummer, the reddish purple to pink flowers have 5 petals that form a cup.
Readily self seeds. Zones 6-9
  50mg pack ( about 15-20 seeds ) $2.25
Photo by Stan Shebs
TRN258 Callirhoe Involucrata
Plants typically form a low foliage mound from 6 to 9 inches tall on procumbent stems which spread along the ground to 3' wide. Solitary, upward facing, cup-shaped, five-petaled, poppy-like, magenta flowers to 2.5" wide continuously appear on thin stems above the foliage from mid-spring to fall.
Stamens form a prominent central column typical of mallow family members, but with distinctive style branches. Leaves are palmately divided into 5-7 finger-like lobes.
Wine cups make excellent slowly spreading growndcover in well drained soil.
A few solitary plants will eventually spread out to cover an area.
Grows 8" tall, hardy for zones 4-8. Perennial.
 10 seeds per pack $2.95
TRN268 Callirhoe Triangulata
Deep burgundy poppy mallow, long bloomer summer to fall, spreads, for sandy soil, slow to germ, grows 8" tall, hardy to zone 5. Perennial.
 10 seeds per pack $2.95