Campanula Seed ( Perennial )

IP023 Campanula Cup and Saucer Rose Campanula medium calycanthema
Dainty cuplike flowers standing on a saucer-like calyx, very old fashioned and still the newest fashion. A perennial hardy to zone 4, will grow about 32 inches tall.
 10mg pack ( about 50 seeds )$2.25
TRM953 Champion Pro Pink Campanula ( F1 Hybrid Pelleted Seeds )
RMedium Pink campanula flowers. Champion Pro varieties produce slightly smaller florets than traditional Campanula varieties, but they produce more blooms per stem, thus they offer more color impact. The florets have sturdy petals that hold up well during transport and in bouquets. Champion Pro's finish quickly and are ideal in floral work either as a focal point or filler in mixed bouquets. Height 30-36".
 10 pelleted seeds for easy germination $2.95
TRM281 Milan Lilac ( Pelleted Seeds )
Warm pastel lilac pink flowers. Ultra compact, well branched, no pinch, flowers at 12 hour days, fast pot plant teeming with blooms, grows about 10" tall, hardy to zone 4.
  Package of 10 pelleted seeds in protective vial $2.95
TRM282 Clips Dark Blue Campanula carpatica Clips Series
Carpathian harebell, compact, floriferous, quick to flower, for garden or pot, all summer bloom. A perennial hardy to zone 3, will grow about 8 inches tall.
 5mg pack ( about 25 seeds )$2.25
TRM283 Dwarf Pink Campanula lactiflora Dwarf Pink
Fleuroselect, covered in soft pink flowers, blooms first year. A perennial hardy to zone 5, will grow about 15 inches tall.
 5mg pack ( about 25 seeds )$2.25
TRM284 Pearl White Campanula carpatica
Beautiful white color. Three weeks earlier than others and more compact, great pot plant. A perennial hardy to zone 3, will grow about 5 inches tall.
 5mg pack ( about 25 seeds )$2.25
IP028 Carpathian Blue Campanula carpatica
A tidy bun of blue flowers summer to fall. Large, double flowers bloom in a profusion blue colors on compact plants. Suitable for the front of the border, for edging and rock gardens. Prefers cool, moist, fertile soil with good organic content. Good for Cut Flowers. Good for zones 4-8.
 1mg pack ( about 25 seeds )$2.25
IP029 Carpathian White Campanula carpatica
Deer Resistant Good for Containers A tidy bun of white flowers summer to fall. Low, mounding perennial covered in pure white, bell shaped flowers through the summer. Perfect for low borders, rock gardens or container. Does well in any well drained garden soil. Does well in containers. Good for Cut Flowers. Good for zones 4-8.
 1mg pack ( about 25 seeds )$2.25
IP012 Canterbury Bells ( Campanula Medium White )
Canterbury Bells seed was some of the first imported flower seeds grown in colonial American gardens. In fact, they date back to medieval times and are native to southern Europe.
Canterbury Bells have always been valued for their showy three-foot stalks of bell-shaped flowers that last from late spring and into the summer. If you want to enjoy the flowering period of this Campanula longer, keep the spent flowers deadheaded to prolong the bloom time. Stake Campanula plants before the flowers open to keep stems upright. They are sun-lovers and establish easily from flower seed for any flower garden. Canterbury Bells are praised for being excellent cut flowers. Cut the Canterbury Bells flowers after one or two flowers are open. The flowers will last in vase up to 8 days and more when floral preservatives are added to the vase water.
A biennial plant suited for zones 3-8.
  50mg Package ( about 100 seeds ) $1.95
D9549 Tussock Bellflower ( Campanula carpatica )
Perennial. An upright perennial growing about 16 inches tall with delightful lavender blue bell flowers all summer long. Grows in most soils and tolerates full sun or partial shade.
Color: Lavender Blue   Zone: 3-8   Spacing:Close   Height:16 inches   Start Seeds: Anytime of year inside, for transplanting outside in Spring.
  8mg Pack ( about 200 seeds )$2.50
TRN344 Blue Cloud ( Campanula cashmeriana )
Only grows about 6 inches tall, hardy to zone 4. Dwarf spreading plants with grey green foliage produce a carpet of lilac blue bell shaped flowers.
 5mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.95