Candytuft Seeds

Candytuft are a group of low plants found mostly in southern Europe. They include both annuals and perennials which may be grown in mild to cold regions. While the flowers are white to purple-tinted, they are often highly fragrant.
The candytuft plant (Iberis sempervirens) is a European native that has adapted well to most USDA zones. The 10 to 18 inch tall beauty is a flowering, evergreen perennial.
Candytuft flowers are handy to cover up declining foliage of early spring blooming bulbs. Candytuft flowers look lovely spilling over a wall or draping from a hanging basket. The annual species are derived from two species; Iberis umbellata (the most common) and Iberis amara. There are several named selections of the annual species, available in a wider range of colours than the perennial types. The annual species grow from 6" to 18" tall and are grown as bedding plants, cut-flowers and winter pot plants. They prefer full sun and grow quite quickly from seed. Late winter-early spring-sown seed will bloom throughout May to July at which stage they become rather leggy and thin and are best replaced with summer-blooming annuals.
TRN541 Candycane Mix ( Iberis umbellata )
Annual plants with bright flowers, and nice uniform habit. Plants grow 12 inches tall. Very striking as a mass planting. They are fast growing and ideal for to mass plantings, large beds and used as an edging. The colors included are a mix of purple, red, white, etc.
  4mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.75
TRM612 Whiteout ( Iberis sempervirens )
Excellent pot, basket or garden bed plant. Uniform, pure white, no-pinch, day neutral, earlier than other types. A perennial growing about 8" tall and hardy to zone 3.
  4mg Pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.15
TPF028 Candytuft ( Iberis umbellata )
A vigorous perennial growing 12-18" tall with mounds of white, pink or lilac flowers. Excellent border plant.
  $2.15  Per 300mg Pack ( about 100 seeds )
IP202 Iceberg Superior ( Iberis amara )
Pure white, fragrant hyacinth flower spikes, ideal for cutting. Densely sow, fertilize for long stems.
Grows 24 inches tall, blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  85mg pack ( about 30 seeds ) $2.95

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