Canola/Rapeseed Seeds

Useful gardening information

20 days for greens. 40-60 days for seeds. Grown for the leaves, flower buds and seeds. Direct seed once a month from early spring through fall. It is extremely cold tolerant, vigorous and will grow in almost any kind of soil. The plants will grow 4-5' tall if they are allowed to mature. Use the leaves in salads or like mustard greens. Eat the unopened flower buds like broccoli. Use the seeds for oil. It also makes an excellent cover crop. It can also be grown in trays of soil indoors as a sprout.

Sowing Instructions

Best planted as a fall crop, should be planted in cultivated garden soil, covered 1/4 to1/2" deep. Seeds can be broad casted and raked in same way as greens are.