Carrots Seed

Useful gardening information

Carrots require soft, fertile soil to produce roots of the finest quality. It is important that the soil be finely broken up to the full depth of the carrot roots and remain in porous condition until the crop is harvested. May be sown in succession from early spring to mid-summer and again in the fall. Sow in rows 14-16” apart and cover lightly. Firm soil over the seed, especially in dry weather. Thin to 2” apart in the row.

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5009 Scarlet Nantes
Originally grown in the Nantes region of France, this variety was popularized in the United States in the mid 1900's and continues to be enjoyed today for its tasty and quick maturing roots.
One of the most famous and classic heirloom carrots, the Scarlet Nantes produces medium, slender, orange-skinned carrots with the typical rich carrot flavor and a hint of red glow. The roots grow to 6-7" and taper toward the tip, with minimal cores. This type is known to keep well and has a good moisture content, making it a favorite choice for juicing.

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BM75 Cosmic Purple
Wow - a purple carrot, orange inside, tapered 7", very sweet, these have extra healthy anti-oxidants, 60 days.
  75mg Package ( about 50 seeds ) $1.95
D9819 Baby Finger
Tiny gourmet great for salads.
An extra sweet, tiny Nantes type gourmet carrot only 4" long and 1" thick with smooth skin and small core. Perfect for serving whole and great for growing in containers. 65 days.
  $1.95 per 750mg pack ( several hundred seeds per pack )
NB23 Purple Haze F1 Hybrid
70 days Interesting novelty purple carrot has smooth roots averaging 10-12 in/25-30 cm, bright orange centre and very sweet flavor. Upright tops average 14-16 in/36-42 cm in height. Cooking dissolves the purple color. All America Selections Winner.
  50mg package ( 25+ seeds ) $1.75
TRM715 Solar Yellow
Solar Yellow is a Danvers type carrot that reaches about 6-7" in length. It is a tasty way to liven up your salads. It's buttery yellow flesh is sweet and crisp.
This is a sweet and juicy carrot with sunshine yellow from skin to core. It is delicious raw or cooked. Bake or steam instead of boiling for the best color. 65 days.
  250mg package ( over 100 seeds ) $1.95
3502 Black Nebula
These gorgeous carrots are deep purple ( almost black skin )from skin to core. They are 9-10" long with a tapered shape and sweet taste. They do not loose their color when cooked, getting even darker. The juice is also intensely purple and can even be used as a dye for food, easter eggs or fabrics. Add lemon juice to turn the juice bright pink! 75-80 days.
  265mg package ( about 80 seeds ) $2.25
3425 Rainbow Mix
Mix of every imaginable carrot color, purple, red, white, even some orange, 65 days.
  75mg package ( 40-50 seeds ) $1.95
W167 Parisian
French novelty, short and round, for any soil, ideal in patio pot, eat raw or steamed, 60 days.
  .250mg package ( about 200 seeds ) $1.95