Jupiters Beard Seed ( Perennial )

Seedman Basic Info:
Sow Feb. 15th indoors for plants that bloom June to September the first season. Germinate at 60-65°F for 15 days. Press seed into soil. Grow plants at 60-65°F. Centranthus are fast growing and can become too large in a cell pack or pot if not properly grown. Avoid high temperatures, over-fertilizing and over-watering. Prefers average to sandy, neutral or alkaline soil, full sun and long day-length for flowers the first season. Soft spindly growth are results of too rich a soil as well as placement in excessive shade. Can be used as a cut flower. May self-sow freely under favorable conditions so dead-head plants to reduce. Division is required every 3 years to maintain plants vigor and avoid leggy growth. Cutting back hard in midsummer will also deter legginess. Hardy in zones 4-9.

IP027 Pretty Betsy Centranthus ruber
A fragrant variety of Jupiter's Beard. A wonderful, fragrant perennial for bedding and cut flowers.
Deep red variety, fragrant flower clusters over blue gray leaves, flowers first year, drought tolerant.
Free flowering dense red terminal clusters are highly fragrant and provide long lasting cut flowers. Zones 4-9.
 50mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.25