Chicory Seeds

Useful gardening information

Use the leaves fresh in salads or cook them; dry and grind the roots to use as a coffee substitute, or alternately, dig the roots in the fall, trim them to 8 inches, pot them, keep them in a dark location and in about three weeks you can harvest the delicate growing tips, known as Belgian endive, a real delicacy. Plant seed directly in the garden in the early spring, or in peat pots.

Sowing Instructions

Sow Chicory seed in early spring after danger of frost is past. Plant seed thinly in rows 24 inches apart. Thin Chicory Witloof to 12 inches apart when plants are 2 inches tall.

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TRM514 Catalogna Pugliese Chicory ( Chichorium interbus )
Italian specialty, Strongly serrated green leaf, long white stem, cook or serve fresh in salad. Best for fall growing.
  Package of 1,000 seeds $9.95
GO18 Coffee Chicory ( Chichorium interbus )
An easy to grow coffee substitute costing pennies per pound. The large roots are roasted and ground to make a delicious caffeine free drink.
  Package of 20 seeds $2.00