Chinese Cabbage Seeds

Useful gardening information

Cabbage plants are adapted to cool weather and grow best when temperatures are between 60 and 80 degrees. Most cabbage varieties will tolerate temperatures into the low 20s. Planting dates should be planned so that harvest dates occur in cool weather.
Cabbage plants prefer loose, moist, well drained soil. Mulch will help keep soil loose and cool. Cabbage plants can be easily started from seed in transplant containers or directly in garden soil. Most garden centers sell both seeds and seedlings. When purchasing seedlings, buy plants that have at least four complete leave. Plant seedlings almost up to the first real leaves.

Cabbage family seeds should be planted in 1/2 inch of soil and should be sown about two weeks before you would plant transplants outdoors. Cabbage is a hardy vegetable that grows especially well in fertile soils. There are various shades of green available, as well as red or purple types. Head shape varies from the standard round to flattened or pointed. Most varieties have smooth leaves, but the Savoy types have crinkly textured leaves.

Cabbage is easy to grow if you select suitable varieties and practice proper culture and insect management. Always regarded as a good source of vitamins, cabbage recently has been shown to have disease-preventive properties as well.
Green cabbage is grown more often than the red or Savoy types, but red cabbage has become increasingly popular for color in salads and cooked dishes. The Savoy varieties are grown for slaw and salads. Varieties that mature later usually grow larger heads and are more suitable for making sauerkraut than the early varieties.

Sowing Instructions

Seed Depth ¼ to ½"
Soil Temp. for Germination 70° to 85°
Days to Germination 7 to 10 days
Seed Spacing 3 to 4"
Row Spacing 36"
Space After Thinning 18 - 24"

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RHC903 Mei Qing Choi Hybrid Cabbage
Popular miniature-green stem Pak Choi. Vigorous growth with uniform maturity. Good tolerance to both heat and cold and very bolt resistant. 43 days.
 500mg package ( about 250 seeds per pack ) $2.95
Click here for growing instructions for Choi.
SF135 Red Choi ( F1 Hybrid Pac Choi )
Excellent as micro green, baby leaf, and full size. Red Choi changes from dark green leaves with maroon veins at micro size to dark maroon leaves with green undersides and thin green petioles at full size (8-10").
 3g Pack ( about 1,000 seeds ) $2.95
2025 Michihhli Chinese Cabbage
Big tall heads, widely grown in the Orient, mild and tasty, very tender, great for stir-fry.
  1/2 Teaspoon Package ( 100+ seeds ) $1.95
W163 Chinese Blues
Napa Oriental, blocky barrel shape, 5" x 12" slow bolting, spring to summer harvest, 4-5 lbs, good disease resistance, 57 days.
  100mg Package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.25
3445 Summer Boy F1 Ching-Chiang Cabbage
This is a new F1 hybrid Ching-Chiang Cabbage developed for subtropical climates and summer growing. Upright plants are vigorous, uniform growing and highly marketable vegetables. Tender leaves and crispy thick petioles are very delicious, good for stir-fry and soup cooking. This is an excellent variety for home garden, greenhouse and fresh markets.
  1.25g Package ( over 200 hundred seeds ) $2.75
JF212 Short Green Petiole Ching-Chiang Cabbage
This is a dwarf type Ching-Chiang Cabbage, with short and fat green petioles that are very crispy and delicious. This is the most popular variety grown in China. Plants grow best in mild climates, suitable for growing in temperate climates and in California all year round. Easy to grow. Highly recommended for home gardening and fresh markets.
  3g Package ( several hundred seeds ) $3.75
3444 Hybrid Summer Flavor Ching-Chiang Cabbage
Summer Flavor is a new hybrid variety developed for growing in subtropical and tropical regions. Plants are strongly resistant to heat and rain, suitable for all year round planting in the warm and raining areas. Upright-growing plants produce deep green leaves in spoon shape with broad and thick petioles, which are very smooth, tender, crispy and tasty. This top quality variety becomes the chef's first choice for the gourmet cooking needs. Beautiful vegetables are very attractive and saleable in the markets. Easy to grow. Excellent for home gardening and fresh markets.
  1.25g Package ( over 200 seeds ) $2.75
JF318 NAPA One Kilo Hybrid Cabbage
One Kilo is an icebox size NAPA cabbage, with dark green leaves and yellow core. This hybrid variety is suitable for spring sowing in USA and Europe, 50-55 days maturity. Easy to grow. Very tasty.
  300mg Package ( about 75 seeds ) $2.75