Chinese Cabbage Seeds

There are many types of Chinese cabbage. The type most associated with the term Chinese cabbage is also known as Nappa cabbage. It is a large, tight headed green that looks somewhat like a pale romaine lettuce. The flavor is sweeter and milder than traditional cabbage. It is believed to have originated near the Beijing region of China
The large, oblong leaves are crinkled and very tightly wrapped the head. The stalks are almost white and the leaves are a very pale green. Heads grow upright.

Useful gardening information

Planting: If you choose to plant in the spring, either direct sow or start seed indoors about 4 - 6 weeks before your last frost date. Either hold off sowing outdoors until after your last frost date or be prepared with some type of row covers.

Plant seed 1/4 - 1/2 inch deep, spaced 6 inches apart. Thin and eat the plants when they are a couple of inches tall. If you are growing full-sized plants, thin to a 12 - 18 inch spacing.

Napa cabbages don't need a lot of maintenance. They do need regular water, especially during hot spells. Drought will cause bolting.

If you amended your soil, you should not need supplemental fertilizer. However if your plants look like they need a boost, use a fertilizer high in nitrogen, like fish emulsion or soy meal.

Plants in the brassica family do not cross pollinate with plants outside their species. Seed can be saved for 4 years.

Pests and Problems: Napa cabbage does not share the quick growing advantage of many other Asian greens. This makes it a target for the usual line-up of brassica pests and diseases, including: clubroot, cabbage yellows, black rot and black leg. Don't plant Napa cabbage in a spot that had brassicas growing in it previously.

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2025 Michihhli Chinese Cabbage
Big tall heads, widely grown in the Orient, mild and tasty, very tender, great for stir-fry.
  1/2 Teaspoon Package ( 100+ seeds ) $1.95
W163 Chinese Blues
Napa Oriental, blocky barrel shape, 5" x 12" slow bolting, spring to summer harvest, 4-5 lbs, good disease resistance, 57 days.
  100mg Package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.25
TRN348 NAPA One Kilo Hybrid Cabbage
One Kilo is an icebox size NAPA cabbage, with dark green leaves and yellow core. This hybrid variety is suitable for spring sowing in USA and Europe, 50-55 days maturity. Easy to grow. Very tasty.
  300mg Package ( about 75 seeds ) $2.75