Chives Seed

Chives are members of the lily family grown for their leaves and flowers, which are equally popular in the garden and in the kitchen. Both onion and garlic chives are grown and used in a similar fashion. Some gardeners use onion and garlic chives as a perennial edging or border plant in a flower border or an herb garden. They also grow well in containers, both alone and in combination with other long-lived herbs such as rosemary.

Growing onion chives? You're not alone. Many gardeners grow them for their leaves and rosy purple flowers, both of which boast a mild onion flavor. They grow well in the ground or any pot, even a small one, or the pockets of a strawberry jar.

Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum), also known as Chinese chives, are grown for their mildly garlic-flavored leaves and pretty white flowers. The leaves are flat, not hollow like those of onion chives (Allium schoenoprasum).

Useful gardening infomation
After danger of frost, sow Chives seeds in open ground well exposed. Cover Chive seeds 1/8 inch with loose soil. Keep moist until germination. Regular cutting helps keep plants vigorous and healthy and encourages spreading. Keep flowers picked to discourage dormancy in warm weather. Divide clumps every 2-3 years.

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HR127 Chives ( Allium schoenoprasum )
Used as a salad for its small leaves which are produced very early in the spring and give a mild onion flavor to many dishes. The more cuttings you take, the more it produces.
  0.5g package of over 100 seeds $1.95
NB11 Windowsill Chives ( Allium schoenoprasum )
Also known as Grolau Chives. This variety has especially thick, dark green leaves and stands up well to pot culture and being indoors over the winter. It regrows quickly from a cutting and actually needs regular shearing to stay stocky and compact. Start outside in pots in the spring and move indoors in the fall for winter harvesting. Produces small lavender flowers and hollow stems that are edible, smelling and tasting mildly of onion. Use in soups, scrambled eggs, soft cheeses, mashed potatoes and salads. Can be used fresh, dried or frozen. Germinate @60-70°F in 2 weeks, keep in the dark. Hardy and easy to transplant.
Zone 3-9.
  81mg package ( about seeds ) $2.25
3476 Welsh Onion Red Chives
Welsh Onion Red is a very popular cultivated vegetable and an important ingredient in Asian cuisine. In Japan it is used in miso soup and in the takoyaki dumpling dish, among others.
It is a versatile plant, the seeds can be used as sprouts, the leaves snipped for use in salads or the whole plant pulled up. It is often grown in a bunch as an ornamental plant.The Red Welsh is an old form of the perennial bunching onion with very decorative red stalks and a slightly stronger flavoured than the white variety.
It is also slightly hardier. It is distinguished from the bulb onion by its round hollow leaves and only slight bulb formation. They are an interesting addition to a vegetable plot or herb garden that, once established, tend to look after themselves.
The flowers are attractive to bees, while the whole plant is an effective insect repellent. It is very easy to grow from seed, extremely hardy and pest resistant. It will grow from cold regions right through to hot, tropical areas.
  250mg package ( about 75-100 seeds ) $2.95
TRM670 Welsh Onion White
Welsh onion or Japanese bunching onion is a perennial plant producing clumps of hollow leaves up to 2ft tall and is an excellent evergreen substitute for spring onions. Grown in the same way as chives, the taste is between the mild flavour of chives and the stronger one of onions.The Welsh onion is widely used in cooking but as well as culinary use, it is also grown in a bunch as an ornamental plant.
Sow Welsh onion seed in March in drills 1/2 inch deep and 1 foot apart. Extremely hardy the Welsh Onion can be harvested through the winter without protection. The Welsh Onion should be grow in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun, however it is also ideal as a pot herb.
  400mg Package ( about 75-100 seeds ) $2.25
TRM671 New Belt
Garlic type, wide flat green leaf, large stout plant, 75 days.
  50mg Package ( about 60-70 seeds ) $2.25
TRM672 Twiggy
Very fine, dark green top, good for bundle harvesting, great flavor. 75 days.
  50mg Package ( about 60-70 seeds ) $2.25
HR131 Chives, Garlic ( Allium tuberosum )
Use leaves to add mild garlic flavor to salads, soups and stir frys. Has soft white flowers.
  500mg Package ( about 75-100 seeds ) $1.95
SF158 Gigantic Chives
Forget growing regular size chives, you can now grow them twice the size and not sacrifice flavor! Gigantic is an elegant garden plant with attractive flowers, well flavored leaves and stems that are ideal for a number of culinary uses. Both the foliage and the flowers of Chive Gigantic are edible. Gigantic has a distinctive pleasant flavor combination of both chives and mild garlic. Double the size of a standard garden chive and far more decorative, the elegant arching stems are topped by attractive star shaped flowers. Perfect for patio or mixed containers.
  15mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.95