Chrysanthemum Seed ( Perennial/Annual )

Requires well-drained soil. Pinch all at least 2-3 times through early summer (the end of July in the South and Southwest) for more compact and more floriferous plants. Plants are more likely to survive in cold climates if stems are left standing over winter.
Perennial varieties: Prune hard in spring. Divide every 1-2 years in spring to keep plants vigorous.

3487 Eastern Star ( Chrysanthemum segetum )
Also known as Corn Marigold, has sprays of creamy yellow 2½" daisies with brown disk, grows about 18" tall, blooms in 12 weeks from seed.
  300mg Pack ( about 100 seeds ) $2.25
TRM615 German Flag ( Chrysanthemum segetum )
Also known as Corn Marigold, sprays of bicolor yellow/red 2½" daisies with black disk, grows about 15" tall, blooms in 12 weeks from seed.
  85mg Pack ( about 50 seeds ) $2.85
TRM616 Dunnetti Double Mix ( Chrysanthemum carinatum )
Double and semi double mix of many vibrant colors, for garden or cutflowers, grows about 24" tall, blooms in 15 weeks from seed.
  90mg Pack ( about 50 seeds ) $2.25
TRM617 Snowland ( Chrysanthemum paludosum )
Early, large 1½" flowers on compact plants, grows about 6" tall, blooms in 12 weeks from seed.
  75mg Pack ( about 50 seeds ) $2.75
TRN566 Garland Daisy Double ( Chrysanthemum coronarium )
Annual variety that grows up to 24 inches tall, easy to grow with long lasting blooms. This beautiful classic has just gotten even better! Our Double Flowered Mix offers the familiar and much loved White and Yellow blooms with the added punch of double the petals! This lovely little bloom is equally at home in the wildflower meadow or manicured gardenscape.
  42mg Pack ( about 30 seeds ) $2.95
NB51 Golden Gem ( Chrysanthemum coronarium )
(Crown Daisy) Compact golden semi-double daisies, dense deeply cut foliage, excellent unusual bedding plant, grows about 15" tall, blooms in 15 weeks from seed. Annual
  30mg Package of about 30 seeds $1.95
NB52 Primrose Gem ( Chrysanthemum coronarium )
(Crown Daisy) Delightful semi-double daisies, serrate leaf, primrose with golden center, grows about 15" tall, blooms in 18 weeks from seed. Annual
  60mg Package of about 30 seeds $1.95
NB53 Polar Star ( Chrysanthemum carinatum )
Tetraploid, large tricolor flowers, white with yellow ring and dark center, smashing country garden plant, grows about 24" tall, blooms in 15 weeks from seed. Annual
  100mg Package of about 30 seeds $1.95
IM074 Rainbow Mix ( Chrysanthemum carinatum )
Fast growing summer cutflower and border plant, each single flower has multiple colors, grows about 24" tall. Annual
  Package of 25 seeds $1.95
3347 Silver Spoons ( Chrysanthemum sp. )
Hardy perennial for zones 3-8, grows about 4 feet tall. Mound shaped habit with pure white petalled flowers with golden yellow centers. Better suited to larger size pots or outside gardens.
  5mg pack ( about 25-30 Seed Package ) $2.45
TRM551 Santana Yellow Chrysanthemum
Yellow 1½" crested flower, white outer petals, day neutral, all season bloomer, super in 4-6" pots.
  4mg ( about 25 Seeds ) $2.95
IP174 Autumn Glory Chrysanthemum
Hardy cushion mum, very well branched, forms a 20" wide mound of 2½" flowers, all color mix, super fall garden performance, blooms first year. Grows 12 inches tall, zones 3 and higher.
 15mg package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.75
FS505 Giant Painted Daisies ( Tanacetum )
Big 4" daisy flowers on long stems reaching 24" tall. Easy to raise and makes excellent cut flowers. Also known as Pyrethum.
Painted Daisies are old-fashioned perennials that have always been popular as cut flowers.
Foliage is bright green and ferny, with upright stems bearing loads of fluffy double daisies, in shades of white, pink or crimson red.
Remove faded flower to encourage more buds to form. Plants may be trimmed hard after blooming to rejuvenate the foliage. Easily divided in spring or fall. These are a nice addition to any sunny border, and also useful in containers or tubs.
For zones 2-9.
 50mg pack ( about 30 seeds ) $1.95