Collard Seeds

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Sowing Instructions

Plant collard seed outdoors as soon as the ground can be worked. Plant seed in rows 3 feet apart and space seed 1 Inch apart in the row. Cover seed with 1/2 inch of soil, well pressed down. Keep soil moist until plants start to grow. Collards may be planted in mid summer for a late fall crop.
When collard plants are 2 to 3 inches tall, thin or transplant 2 feet apart in the row.

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1A027 Georgia Southern
80 days. 3’ tall plants have loose clusters of blue-green, slightly crumpled, juicy leaves. This non-heading plant has a mild cabbage-like flavor that is improved by a slight freeze. Resistant to bolting and tolerant of heat and poor soil.
  1 Tablespoon Package ( 200+ seeds ) $1.95
1A361 Morris Heading
"Morris Heading" is an heirloom variety that has been used in the southern cuisine for decades. Slow to bolt, tolerant to heat and cold, "Morris Heading" Collards produce heavy heads on short stems. Its taste is similar to that of a cabbage and contains numerous important nutrients. Collards are a member of the brassica/cabbage family, and its cultivation is similar.
This old open-pollinated variety produces broad, waxy leaves that vary from green to blue-green. Many plants will form loose, leafy heads late in the growing season. An old Southern favorite with great flavor and nutrition. Grows best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade and even appreciates it in spring in hot climates. Leaves are made sweeter by frost. Great for fall. Space transplants 36 inches apart. 85 Days
  9g Package ( hundreds of seeds ) $1.95
TST069 Champion
Slow-bolting Vates selection.
Selected from the popular Vates variety for a more compact plant. Same rich, dark green color with long, broad, wavy, tender leaves.
Dark green and large, the cabbage-like leaves retain their eating quality up to 2 weeks longer than other Vates types. Try Champion braised with a touch of olive oil and garlic. Especially good with ham or pork chops. 60 Days
Available only in Treated Seed.
  3g Package ( about 400-500 hundred seeds ) $2.75
5012 Vates
This variety is fast growing and very hardy in hot as well as cold weather. This bolt resistant plant grows about 20 inches tall and is not susceptible to wind damage. Vates produces well over a long period of time. Greens have mild cabbage-like flavor; ideal boiled. 80 days.

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