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TRJL004 Groundhog Radish ( Raphaus sativus var. niger )
60 days. Daikon in Japanese means large root. There are perhaps hundreds of varieties of daikon radishes bred for different purposes: from the very mild carrot-shaped types for fresh eating and pickling, to the tillage types.
This strain of daikon is referred to as biodrills or tillage radishes. Tillage radishes are specifically bred to form huge soil busting roots, with a tap root that can reach far into the soil to reclaim nitrogen. The roots also leave large holes in the ground allowing water infiltration and soil aeration.
They can even suppress weeds with their quick canopy cover, especially from August sowings. Once planted in late summer, the radishes are not harvested or turned under, but left to die off in the winter and decay to contribute a nitrogen store for spring planting.
The extra long, 10-20 inch roots of Groundhog allows it to drill down and pull huge amounts of nutrients from deep within the soil, which the following crop can utilize. In just 6-8 weeks, Groundhog can capture 150-200 pounds of nitrogen per acre before winter killing.
Can be planted in early spring, but planting in fall is best. Recommeded seeding rate: 3/4 pound per 1000 square feet; 10-12 pounds per acre.
  1 Pound $12.95