The Cuthof Tobacco Cutting Kit is designed to easily cut all types of tobacco leaves into long thin strands, perfect for rolling your own cigarette or pipe smoking.
The Cutting Kit consists of a hand driven cutting machine and a brick press to form the tobacco leaves into bricks for cutting. By following the step by step directions you will end up with the best, long thin strands ever dreamed of.

Each complete kit contains:
Cutting Machine complete with clamps and feeder.
One extra pair cutting blades as spare parts.
Brick Press to form and press tobacco leaves.
Details for use and machine details.

Directions for using the Cuthof Cutting Machine

Choose the mix of leaves needed for your desired flavor blend. To make one suitable brick for cutting you need 7-10 ounces of dry weight tobacco leaves.

Before you can form the leaves to press a brick for the cutting machine you have to moisten them. You can moisten simply by spraying the leaves with a water spraycan and cover the bundle with a sheet of polythene to be throughout moistened.

Now is the time to add our Spray on Tobacco Flavoring!
If you have unstemmed leaves they has to be moisten enough so the steams don't break when formed. Don't worry if it get's too moisten since you nevertheless must redry the cut tobacco.

You can simply fold the leaves into the brick mold and press down, add leaves until it is full, or you can make a simple wrapplate from a thin piece of wood ( the kit does not come with a wrapplate as it is not necessary for making a brick )
Form the leaves to fit in the brickform by wrapping them around the wrapplate (fig. A).

If you decide to make and use a wrapplate:
Depending on the leave size (smaller leaves can be placed directly into brickform) you start with 4 to 6 leaves and wrap them one by one in even zigzag over the whole length of the plate.
Place the full plate into the brickform and by holding back the leaves you can draw out the plate (fig. B).
Repeat the process and add new layers until you have filled the brickform with all your leaves.

Place the pressplate over the leaves and mount the clamps. Press the leaves by screwing the clamps very securely and leave it in press for 3-4 hours. (fig. C).
After setting for 3-4 hours, release the clamps and pull out the finished brick. After dividing it into three parts with a sharp knife it's ready for the cutting machine (fig. D).

Fasten the machine with it's clamps to the edge of a sturdy workbench or table. Insert one piece of brick into the funnel and press the wooden feeder firmly down against the chunk of tobacco and start to turn the crank (fig. E-F). Check the cut tobacco as you go along and adjust the pressure on the feeder and your cranking speed for optimal results. If cutting proceeds evenly you can feed the separate chunks right after one another. If the strands is to thick, you have to reduce the pressure on the feeder, on the other hand if the strands is to thin or if the cutting goes sluggish you may have to increase the pressure. After a lot of use, the cutting blades become worn and you have to sharpen them with a sharpening stone or replace with new blades that are included with kit. Instructions for doing this are included with kit.
You must redry the cut tobacco down to the right moisture content for smoking. Work through and separate the strands with your fingers and remove cut steams and coarse material. Place the tobacco on a sheet of cardboard and spread out in an even layer around 1 cm thick (fig. G).
Redrying time depends on temperature, ventilation and humidity and you have to judge when it's right to stop drying. Tobacco that is too moist gives a weak taste and is hard to roll, on the other hand if it's gone to dry you may have to remoisten it by a touch of water sprayed or by placing some moistened pieces of paper among tobacco wherein you keep it. This is a trial and error process, you will soon become a master at judging moisture content.

Hopefully all your effort will end up with the very best tobacco for your smoking satisfaction.
A small piece of advice: Don't show your smoking friends the strands, they will hardly believe it's your own home made tobacco anyway and if they do, all of them will just want to borrow the machine from you.

Due to the new security procedures in place at our customs inspection office, the cost of importing these machines has risen significantly again over the last 12 months. We have no choice but to raise the price of these machines.

The Cuthof Tobacco Machine is available to US and Canada Residents only.
 Item # CUTHOF Cuthof Machines for US residents: $189.95 plus shipping
  Item # CUTHOFC Cuthof Machines for Canadian residents: $199.95 ( US dollars ) plus shipping.
Replacement cutting blades for the Cuthof Cutting Machine.
  Item #G61 Blades: $5.95