Dianthus ( Carnations ) Seed

The name comes from the Greek meaning "divine flowers." Also known as carnations or as Pinks, not for their colour, but for their serrated petal tips which look like they've been pinked.

Dianthus plants may be found as a hardy annual, biennial or perennial and most often used in borders or potted displays, no flower garden is complete without them.

Useful gardening information
Plant pinks in full sun, partial shade or anywhere they will receive at least 6 hours of sun.

The plants need fertile, well-drained soil that is alkaline.

Dianthus should always be started inside, then transplanted outside after danger of frost. As a rule of thumb, start seeds inside 6-7 weeks before the last frost.

Wait until the danger of frost has passed when planting dianthus and place them at the same level they were growing in the pots, with 12 to 18 inches between the plants. Do not mulch around them.

Water them only at the base of the plant to keep the foliage dry and prevent mildew spotting.

1A449 Baby Doll ( Dianthus chinensis )
A wonderful old-time garden plant that is so popular we have decided to make it one of our value pack seeds. This beauty makes an amazing border with it's massive flower heads that get as large as they are tall! They get 6" tall and bloom profusely in spring but sometime you get lucky and have a second bloom in fall. Perennial in zones 4-8. Best when planted in full-part sun. Drought tolerant.

This is one of the most versatile flowers we have ever seen. It has beauty and fragrance, can be grown as a bedding plant, basket plant or even as a ground cover.

This compact and low-growing Dianthus variety has very large, single flowers with serrated petals. Colors include crimson, rose, red, white and bicolors. Flowers have a clove-jasmine scent and are ideal for the fragrant garden. Attracts bees and butterflies.

 2.5g Package ( about 4,000 seeds ) $2.25
 1 ounce bulk package for large beds and ground cover ( about 38,000 seeds ) $12.95
FA101 White Bridal Carnations ( Dianthus Caryophyllus Grenadin )
Grow your own wedding carnations! Compact mounding plant, large double pure white flowers, feathery green leaf, continuous bloomer, grows 10" tall, ready in 12 weeks from seed.
Probably one of the whitest Carnations you will ever see, this makes an excellent cut flower, and it is easily established from seeds. Carnations also make wonderful bedding and border plants and have a spicy-sweet fragrance and are attractive to bees and butterflies.
Throughout the centuries the popularity of Carnation flowers has remained undiminished, and they continue to be one of the most well-known flowers for cutting.
  Package 50 seeds $2.55
TRM937 Sweet Black Cherry Pelleted ( Dianthus barbatus )
F1 Sweet William, for garden or cut, fragrant, strong stems, blooms first year in spring with no vernalization. Pelleted seeds for easy sowing and germination. Grows about 22 inches tall, a hardy dianthus to zone 3.
 10 pelleted seeds in plastic vial $2.95
IP119 King of Blacks ( Dianthus Caryophyllus )
King of Blacks Carnation is a dark reddish purple color that is becoming the rave across the country. It is the darkest of a reddish purple color and has the appearance of black velvet with a blue-gray foliage. Easy to grow from flower seed and wonderfully colored and sweetly scented attracting bees and butterflies. This Grenadin Carnation flower makes a dramatic statement to any cut flower arrangement. The strong stemmed plants are bushy and grow to approximately 24 inches, bearing lots of medium size, rich colored, spicy scented blooms. Hardy in zones 5 - 10 as a biennial or annual in zones 4 or colder.
  100mg Package ( about 40-50 Seeds ) $2.15
IP111 Chabaud La France ( Dianthus Caryophyllus )
Chabaud La France has double, fringed flowers that have a lovely spicy scent. The foliage is clump-forming and blue-green in color with long, wiry, sturdy stems that make it perfect for cutting. Can be grown as a perennial in frost free zones, or grow as an annual where winters are cold. Grow Carnation flower seeds in borders, planters, cottage gardens and rock gardens. Grows 24" tall, annual or perennial to zone 6.
  250mg Package ( over 100 Seeds ) $2.95
IP112 Carnation Rose Fragrant Carnations ( Dianthus grenadin )
Grenadin Carnations are very popular with florists and are used in corsages, bouquets, and a wide range of floral arrangements. You can grow this lovely rose colored carnation from flower seed in your own garden. They grow big, full blooms on strong, straight stems. They feature a blue-gray foliage that stays attractive even when the blooms are finished. Their blooms last a long time whether left in the garden or cut for the vase. Also has a wonderful spicy clove-like fragrance. Good drainage is essential for winter hardiness. Grows 18-24" tall, annual or perennial to zone 5.
  100mg Package ( about 50 Seeds ) $2.95
TRN060 Double Choice Mix ( Dianthus barbatus )
A fragrant self-sowing biennial with familiar flat-topped flower clusters in red, pink, white, lavender or mixed colors.
Grows 18-24" tall, annual or perennial to zone 5.
 50mg pack ( about 40 seeds ) $2.25
JF555 Diana Lavendina F1 Mix ( Dianthus chinensis )
Rich Fragrance, Bold Colors, and Twisty Petals!
Extra-large, ruffled, wonderfully spicy-scented blooms! Diana is an award-winning European series with big 2-2½ inch blooms, both singles and doubles, on low-growing, tightly mounded plants. Compact, early to bloom, and very long-lasting, it is a China Pink as beautiful as it is durable, and Lavendina Mix is its most breathtaking combination of colors.
In this mix you get solid purple, solid white, and two-tone lavender picotee, with lighter purple petal tips and richer lavender centers.
Lavendina Mix is great for containers, reaching only 10 to 12 inches high in full bloom, and spreading no more than 8 inches wide. But it's also lovely for the front of the annual bed, tucked into bare spots in the foundation and borders, and edging any garden path. Set it near outdoor entertaining areas, where its fragrance can be enjoyed up close
A perennial in zones 6 to 9 it will probably return for a year or two, but it is easily grown as an annual everywhere.
 35mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.95
TRM461 Diabunda Purple Picotee Pelleted ( Dianthus barbatus interspecific )
Diabunda is an exceptional Sweet William hybrid: it flowers the first year purple with white eye and white outer edge, smashing look. Branching from an early age, Diabunda forms attractive 8-10 inches tall, 10-12 inches wide plants. Puts on a dazzling show in beds, borders, or containers.

Unlike conventional sweet william plants, Diabunda is nearly day-length nuetral, meaning it is capable of blooming in spring, summer, and fall. Furthermore, compared to other Sweet Williams, its flowers are larger and are held at the top of plants where they can be more easily seen.

These plants do not require deadheading. New foliage and flowers quickly cover the old blooms. In all but the hottest climates, the first flush of flowers continues for about 5 weeks. Cut plants back, and within 2-3 weeks they will bloom for another 4-5 weeks. Can be overwintered like pansies, producing extra-early spring flowers. Winter hardy to zone 5.
Pelleted seeds for easy sowing.

 10 pelleted seeds in protective vial. $2.95
TRM462 Dynasty Double Rose Lace Pelleted ( Dianthus barbatus interspecific )
Fully double blooms on well branched 16-20 inch tall self-cleaning plants. Lightly scented purple blooms look like miniature carnations. Alluringly fragrant.
A First Year-Flowering Perennial, a Cool Season Thrives and Pansy Pals selection! Dynasty varieties are excellent landscape and garden performers that double as a great backyard cut flower. Well-suited for cut flower arrangements. Drought tolerant.
Winter hardy to zone 5.
Pelleted seeds for easy sowing.
 10 pelleted seeds in protective vial. $2.95
TRM463 Ideal Cherry Picotee ( Dianthus Barbatus/Chinensis hybrid )
A hybrid of sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) and its close cousin D. chinensis, this is indeed an ideal candidate for places where a compact, colorful, free-blooming annual or short-lived perennial is needed. Flat clusters of frilly-edged, unscented, cherry-pink flowers with white margins appear in spring and continue until summer heat sets in. The narrow, bright green foliage is evergreen in mild-winter areas.

With its compact habit, Ideal Cherry Picotee makes an excellent choice for bedding, edging, or containers. For optimum growth and flowering, provide it with full sun, bi-weekly fertilizer, and good drainage. Grow it as a winter annual in areas with hot summers and mild winters.
Zones 3-9.

 14mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.75
TRM464 Carpet Oriental ( Dianthus Barbatus x Chinensis )
A new type of dwarf hardy dianthus that flowers slightly earlier than dwarf annual types. Plant breeders crossed Sweet William with annual dianthus to produce a species that had larger self cleaning flowers, more free flowering and better garden performance during summer heat. Plants will flower about 10 - 15 days earlier than traditional annual types.
Zones 3-9.
 12mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.75
TRM465 Parfait Super Raspberry ( Dianthus x Chinensis )
Flowers are over 2 inches wide with rich dark with darker (rich raspberry) colored centers and richly painted petal edges. Plants are free flowering and have good basel branching and blue-green colored foliage.
Starts blooming around 8 weeks after sowing. This one stands out from all the others. Best grown as an annual. Nice strong growing plants will put on a good display until frost. Plants average about 8 inches tall and 9-10 inches wide, the flowers average about two inches in width and are raspberry colored fading to cream edges.
Zones 3-9.
 12mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.95
TRN166 Black Adder ( Dianthus barbatus )
Stunning free-blooming purple-black bloom, maroon leaf, blooms in 90 days, well branched, for pot or border.
Grows 16" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4.
 14mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.25
TPF081 Maiden Pinks ( Dianthus deltoides )
12-16" tall perennial with pink flowers.
  $2.50  Per 75mg Pack ( about 200 seeds )
D7917 Snow White Carnation ( Dianthus caryophyllus )
Probably the whitest carnations you will ever see. An excellent cutflower, they also make wonderful bedding and border plants. Has spicy-sweet fragrance. Grows 18" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4.
  75mg Package ( about 30 seeds ) $2.25
IP141 Pinocchio Double Dwarf Carnation ( Dianthus barbatus )
Dwarf, double-flowering sweet William. Small fringed flowers in a range of vivid colors including red, pink, white and bicolor, sometime with a contrasting eye. Grows 12" tall, annual or perennial for zones 3-9.
  15mg Package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.25
IP142 Siberian Blues ( Dianthus amurensis )
A great all around dianthus for beds and borders, edgings, rock gardens, cottage gardens, group or mass near doors or walkways or containers.
Siberian Blues is an Amur pink cultivar that produces reddish-violet to lavender-blue flowers on stems rising to 12" tall over a bushy sprawling mound of lance-shaped green leaves (each to 2" long).
Flowers bloom solitary or in three-flowered inflorescences. Flowers typically bloom from late spring to frost.
Annual or perennial for zones 3-8.
  12mg Package ( about 40 seeds ) $2.25
SF165 Miss Aroma ( Dianthus caryophyllus )
A fragrant carnation that is compact, and the beautiful double flowers have an absolutely exquisite scent, spread out 6" pots of these in bloom and create a fragrant sensation, grows only 8" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4.
 65mg pack ( about 35 seeds ) $2.75
TRM253 CanCan Scarlet ( Dianthus caryophyllus )
AAS, Fleuroselect, Carnation, strongly branched, fragrant large 2" double flowers, for garden, pot, or cut, vivid color, blooms all summer, grows 18" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4.
  Package of 10 Seeds $2.25
TRM948 Pink Shades ( Dianthus superbus )
Feathery flower form, fragrant, mid green leaf, pink shades, for knee high garden, or cut, long shelf life, grows 16" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4. Can be grown in baskets. Deer resistant.
  12mg Package ( about 25 Seeds ) $2.45
IP240 Bearded ( Dianthus x superbus )
Large lacy-petalled flowers, unusual novelty, wide color range of pink, lilac, white shades, grows 15" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4. Can be grown in baskets. Deer resistant.
  19mg Package ( about 20-25 Seeds ) $2.45
3549 Rainbow Loveliness ( Dianthus hybrida )
Bred by the famous Allwood Nursery, the most highly fragrant flowers in the world, luscious fringed blooms, full color range, bloom first year, grows 15" tall, annual or perennial to zone 5.
  15mg Package ( about 25 Seeds ) $2.95
TRM258 Spring Beauty Mix ( Dianthus plumarius )
Fragrant semi double and double, white to red shades, first year bloom in late spring, grows 14" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4.
  30mg Package ( about 50 Seeds ) $2.95
TRM259 Cheddar Pink ( Dianthus gratianopolitanus )
Grasslike gray green cushions with fragrant, fringed flowers, grows 12" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4.
  30mg Package ( about 50 Seeds ) $2.95
TRM263 Pink Shades ( Dianthus superbus )
Feathery flower form, fragrant, mid green leaf, pink shades, for knee high garden, or cut, long shelf life. Grows 16" tall, annual or perennial to zone 4.
  15mg Package ( about 25 Seeds ) $2.50
3553 Sweetest Silver ( Dianthus sp. )
Cascading, clove scented 3" double blooms, silver blue leaf, mix of many colors, grow as annual for baskets. Blooms in 12 weeks from seed
  60mg Package ( about 30 Seeds ) $2.95