Decorative Squash Page

Grow your own fall decorations and tasty dinner squash from the seeds below.

SF126 Blue Ballet Hubbard
A sweet, scaled-down Blue Hubbard.
A much smaller and more marketable Blue Hubbard. Smooth-skinned, blue-gray fruits are medium size, average 4-6 pounds with sweeter, bright orange, fiberless flesh. Stores well. 95 days.
 $2.25 per pack of 5 seeds.
Z2828 Guatemalen Blue Banana ( Cucurbita maxima )
Belongs to the Banana group of squashes, noted for their fine table quality. This selection is dark "blue" with light stripes; golden-yellow flesh is thick and firm. Fruits range up to 20 inches in length and average 5 pounds. You can keep this one in the refrigerator after the initial cutting and continue to slice off small rings that can be either baked or roasted. 90-95 days.
  $2.25 per pack of 5 seeds.
TRM608 Silver Edged
(Cucurbita argyrosperma) Grown primarily for its nutritious silver seeds which are easy to extract and hull. Seeds are delicious when roasted and are an important ingredient in Latin American cuisine. Beautiful white fruits with green mottled stripes may be round or pear-shaped. Unpalatable flesh. 110 days.
  $2.95 per pack of 5 seeds.
1A211 Marina di Chioggia ( Cucurbita maxima )
Beautiful large grey-green bumpy turbans average 10 pounds. Heirloom winter squash from Italy. Sweet dry flesh, flavor improves with storage. Good keeper. 95-100 days.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A111 Japanese Red Kuri Squash
(Hokkaido) 92 days. A red-orange Japanese winter squash, fruit are 5-10 lbs. each and teardrop-shaped. The golden flesh is smooth, dry, sweet and rich, a great yielding and keeping variety.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A212 Galeux d'Eysines ( Cucurbita maxima )
First seen at the Pumpkin Fair in Tranzault, France in 1996. Sweet, moist, orange flesh, great for baking and also used in soups. Fruits weigh 10-20 pounds and should be harvested before overly mature, because the peanut-like warts continue to grow and will cover the entire fruit. Beautiful enough for table centerpieces. Rightfully called "bumpkins" by some clever children. A sure seller for farm and market stands. 90 days. Seeds from SSE.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A203 Golden Hubbard ( Cucurbita maxima )
Introduced by D. M. Ferry in 1898. Typical hard-skinned hubbard, but the shell color is a beautiful deep orange. Fruits weigh from 8-12 pounds and have thick dry sweet fine-grained golden-yellow flesh. Great keeper. 90-100 days. Seeds from SSE.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A209 Muscade de Provence ( Cucurbita moschata )
Traditional variety from southern France. Gorgeous, big flat fruits are reminiscent of big wheels of cheese, heavily ribbed. Fruits average 20 pounds and are green when immature and ripen to a deep, rich brown when fully ripe. Deep orange flesh, very fine flavored. One of the best varieties we offer for baking, good keeper. Introduced to American gardeners in 1899 by Vaughan’s Seed Store in Chicago. 100-110 days. Seeds from SSE.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
TPF177 Thelma Sanders ( Cucurbita pepo )
Wonderful cream-colored acorn-type squash. Our favorite two-serving baking squash. Trailing vines are enormously productive. 85-90 days. A SSE variety.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A205 Queensland Blue ( Cucurbita maxima )
Beautiful variety of winter squash procured from Australia in 1932. Blue skin is deeply ribbed all around the sides, but flat on the top and bottom. Fruits weigh 12-20 pounds when fully mature. Flesh is thick and dense, semi-sweet, very flavorful and of the best quality. Excellent variety for extended winter storage. 100-120 days.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A242 Celebration Hybrid
Celebration is a brand new, gold striped, acorn shaped hybrid winter squash. A joint release by Rupp Seeds and Cornell with eating quality superior to other acorn products. Celebration's sugar content has tested 30 - 50% higher than other available acorn varieties. Its powdery mildew tolerant bush plant bears an abundance of 1 ½ lb. fruit.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
TPF216 La Estrella Hybrid
A new Rupp exclusive tropical pumpkin hybrid from the University of Florida. Bred by Dr. Don Maynard for uniform fruit size and superior flesh color.
When grown in the norther states, La Estrella produces 10 pound fruit in 125 days. When it is grown in Florida in the winter, La Estrella produces 6 pound fruit in 70 days.
  $2.25 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A243 Red Eye
Although this new Rupp squash has excellent eating quality, it will mos likely be used more for decorative purposes. Large, tasty 14" fruits in 110 days.
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1A362 Japanese Kikuza
Japanese heirloom, light orange ribbed rind, thick juicy spicy, tender flesh, 5 lb, great baked or roasted, 92 days.
  $2.75 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A363 Delicata
Elongated 8" long, cream with dark stripes, sweet, stores well, great for stuffing/baking, 100 days.
  $2.75 per pack of 10 seeds.
1A364 Waltham Butternut
Butternut, uniform large 5 lb, productive, very long storage potential, tan skin, 100 days.
  $2.75 per pack of 10 seeds.
3442 Heart of Gold
Acorn, cream with green stripes, orange flesh, 3 lbs, semi-bush, very tasty, 85 days.
  $2.25 per pack of 5 seeds.
New! Jim's Plant Growth Stimulator for Gourds ( Same plant family, works equally as well on squash as it does for gourds ).
Jim has developed this product through years of testing on his farms. This natural, environmentally safe solution will produce amazing results, producing vigorous plants and larger fruits. We highly recommend you do you own trial test ( i.e. spray one plant with solution, next to a plant not sprayed with solution over the length of a growing season ) to fully appreciate how effective this product is.
This is a two part water soluble product that should be mixed 14.75cc of each part ( we provide measuring spoon with solution } to one gallon of water and sprayed onto the foliage of the squash plants. It contains Food Grade H202, ( produced by nature ) Gibberellic Acid ( a natural plant growth hormone ), B1 and other plant vitamins, plant hormones, ( made from natural sources ) micronutrients including Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Sulfur (S) and Zinc (Zn) plus a natural detergent based "sticker" that makes the product stick to the leaves until absorbed by the plant.
This mix will make 16 gallons of solution.
  JPAG04 Plant Growth Stimulator for Gourds $14.95