Eggplant Seeds

Useful gardening information

Seeds should be started indoors 8-10 weeks prior to last frost. Sow seeds 1/4" deep and provide a soil temperature of 24-27C (75-80F). Even moisture is essential while the seed is germinating.
Germination is slow (up to 2 weeks). Gradually harden off seedlings, but do not allow temperature to go below 15C (60F). Transplant 18" apart in beds or rows 20-30" apart. br> Eggplants are moderate feeders and do well in very fertile soil with a pH level of 5.5 to 6.8.

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IP084 Violetta Di Firenze
Large stocky and beautiful eggplant with rich purple coloring and wonderful flavor. Typical of the eggplants needs lots of heat to produce the heaviest crops. An heirloom stuffing variety known for its all-around versatility. 92 days.
  200mg package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.25
NB02 Hansel Eggplant
New! Grow your eggplants on your patio!
AAS, Compact plant for patio pot or small garden, clusters of glossy dark purple fruit, few seeds, harvest at 3 to 10" length, 55 days.
  10 seeds $3.95
TRM828 Dewako One Bite Japanese Baby Eggplant
This small one-bite size Japanese eggplant, hitokuchi nasubi, is a purple-black color with a purple calyx. The fruit weighs about 1/2 ounce and is ideal for pickling. This specialty eggplant is from Dewako in Yamagata Prefecture Japan. 50-60 days.
  10 seeds $2.95
TRM829 Japanese Ping-Tung Long Eggplant
This is a prolific Taiwan variety that produces 12-16" long, delicious, glossy, purple-red fruit with a green calyx. The erect plants are very sturdy, vigorous, and resistant to bacterial wilt and can bear as many as 20 fruits each. This variety is tolerant of heat and moisture. 75 days.
  10 seeds $2.95
G026 Baby Eggplant
Miniature, tiny 1" dark beauties in clusters, for shish-ka-bob, plant is only 12" tall, great for tub garden, pink flowers, 45 days.
  75mg Package ( usually about 15 or more seeds ) $1.95
W172 Casper Eggplant
White, 2 x 6", eat fresh in early summer, mild flesh, doesn't need peeling, compact plant for patio pot, 68 days.
 10 seeds $2.25
TRM940 White Beauty
70 days. 6 inch long fruits, 2-3 in. diameter, good flavor. Hardy and productive for the South and other hot, humid areas. 3 ft. tall plants.
  Package of 10 seeds $1.95
IP045 Pingtung Long Eggplant
Beautiful heirloom from Pingtung, Taiwan, glossy purple, slender 15" x 1-1/2", 20 fruits per plant, high vigor, tender skin needs no peeling, great on grill, 58 days. Hardy, vigorous, disease resistant plants. Roasting recipe found on web.
 10 seeds $1.95
W173 Little Fingers Eggplant
Early, high yield, prolific, purple fruit, up to 7" or pick at 3", clusters of 3-6, green calyx, spineless, great flavor, fine in patio pot, 68 days.
 10 seeds $2.25
W174 Round Mauve Eggplant
4" round, warm lavender, few seeds, great non bitter eating, compact plant for patio pot, 65 days.
 10 seeds $2.25
FB186 Fairytale Eggplant
AAS, Dwarf, very early, clusters of 3-5, sweet, lavender with white stripes, fine in patio pot, 55 days.
 10 seeds $2.95
FB124 Goyo Kumba Eggplant
Unique bright red, 2-3" flattened round, long lasting if used as ornamental, 90 days.
 10 seeds $1.95
FB125 Striped Toga Eggplant
Stunning 3 x 1" oval, orange with green stripes, strong mild flavor, holds well as excellent ornamental, 75 days.
 10 seeds $1.95
FB126 Turkish Orange Eggplant
Unique, brilliant orange, green stripes, tennis ball size, very flavorful, great stuffed, 90 days.
 10 seeds $1.95
W116 Rosa Bianca
80 days Colorful, light pink-lavender fruit with white shading. Rich, mild flesh is very popular with chefs and gardeners alike! No bitterness. A great variety for heirloom market growers.
  75mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $1.95
VC271 Oriental Ichiban
An unusual plant that produces loads of slim, 10" long eggplant fruits that are a deep purple. An excellent garden variety with outstanding flavor.
  85g Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.45
Black Beauty
This heavy yielder can produce as many as 5 enormous rich deep purplish-black fruits at a time. Tender, tasty and retains color very well. One of the best eggplants anywhere.

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