Erigeron Seed ( Perennial )

TRN037 Rocky ( Erigeron compositus )
These low growing flowering plants grow only 6 inches tall and have small daisy-like flowers that are white with yellow centers. If seeds are planted when temperatures are warm, plants will bloom in only three months after sowing.
Plant in rock gardens and edging along a perennial bed. Plant in full sun and in sandy type soils or plant in a rock wall. Blooms in late spring into mid summer.
Commonly referred to as Cutleaf Daisy. Has ferny foliage and a taproot allowing it to tolerate dry conditions. A perennial hardy to zone 4.
 3mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.95
TPF062 Fleabane Daisy ( Erigeron speciosus )
An annual plant growing 16-24" tall with violet, daisy like flowers. Good in full sun or partial shade. Roman naturalists detected that this herb repelled fleas, hence the name. Grow in your garden to control insects, and rub the green leaves on your clothing or pets to repel fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and flies.
  $2.50  Per Pack   Seeds Per Pack: 100