Finocchio ( Florence Fennel ) Seeds

Useful gardening information

The seed should be sown 1/2 inch deep in rows 20 inches apart and the plants thinned to stand 6 inches apart. When the leafstalks are about 2 inches thick, soil may be hilled up around the plants for blanching the lower part. Fennel needs fertile soil rich in moisture.

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VJ285 European Finocchio
Despite its vague resemblance to an onion, finocchio is one of the most delicately flavored winter vegetables, and versatile too, raw it adds delicate anise laced overtones to a salad or is an invaluable addition to a (raw vegetable antipasto), especially when served with new olive oil, and cooked it is a wonderful foil for all sorts of wintry dishes, supporting but never distracting from what it's being served with.
A specialty European vegetable grown for its delicious bulbs. Foliage is about 2 ft. tall, feathery and dill like.
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