Garland Chrysanthemum Seeds

A note from Jim:
Edible Garland Chrysanthemum, also called Shingiku in Japan and Choy Suy Green in old Chinatown, is an annual leafy plant. This vegetable grows very well in mild or slightly cold climates, but will go quickly into prematured flowering in warm summer conditions. Sow seeds in early spring and fall. Young leaves and stems are used for flavoring the soup and stir-fry.
W201 Tiger Ear Garland Chrysantheum ( Chrysanthemum coronarium )
Tiger Ear is a variety native to Taiwan. Large and soft young leaves have relatively stronger aroma flavor than other varieties. This vegetable is very popular in Taiwanese stir-fry and soup cooking. Plants grow best in slightly cool climate, suitabe for spring and fall crops. Fast growing plants can be harvested at any growing stage.
  750 pack ( about 200 seeds ) $2.45