Jim's Favorite Seed Selections

At Seedman.com, we are constantly testing new varieties, and often will not make a variety available to the public until it has gone through at least a couple of years of testing in our greenhouses.
However, we ocassionally come across some varieties that we fall in love with and want to share with our customers as quickly as possible.
Below are a few such varieties personally selected by Jim Johnson Sr.

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JF122 Cheron Summer Gloxinia ( Incarvillea sinensis 'Cheron' )
Heart thumping large cream white trumpets above ferny foliage all summer, for patio pot or border, 10 weeks seed to bloom, sun to part shade. Incarvilleas are sometimes called "summer gloxinias" but are unrelated to true gloxinias. Something interesting and different for your borders or patio pots. Grows to 10-12" in height with flowers about 1-1/2 inches long.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
JF123 Purple Lady ( Iresine )
Dark purple foliage accent plant for containers or beds, likes shade, withstands humidity. Grows to 9 inches in height.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
3356 Little Chief Red Crape Myrtle ( Lagerstroernia )
Blooms the First Year -- from Seed!
Rapidly grows 2 feet or more in a single season!
Little Chief is nothing short of a garden marvel! Start it from seed this winter or early spring and you will be awash in a sea of bright rosy-red by summer, then treated to reddish autumn color. Reaching 2 feet or more its very first year, this dwarf Crapemyrtle is easy, beautiful, and nothing short of amazing!
Perfect for containers but also happy in the sunny garden, Little Chief sets its 1- to 2-inch brilliant blooms in large clusters that are very long-lasting. After they pass, the foliage turns shades of crimson and burgundy over several weeks. Ideal as a hedge, accent planting, or back-of-the-border sensation..
  25mg Package ( about 15-20 seeds ) $2.95
JF79 Brazilian Fireworks ( Maracas )
Spectacular, variegated leaf, purple pink bicolor blooms, heat and shade tolerant, for mixed pot or bedding, growing 12" tall, blooming in 14 weeks from seed. Annual.
10 Seeds $4.95
FA04 Cottonbush ( Gomphocarpus fruticosus )
Gorgeous ornamental pods, green with maroon, excellent cut flower material. Grows about 32" tall, blooms in only 7 weeks. Annual.
  Package of 10 seeds, $2.50
FA05 Hairy Balls Plant ( Gomphocarpus physocarpus )
For those who crave lime green hairy balls in their arrangements, truly unique. Grows about 40" tall, blooms in only 7 weeks. Annual.
  Package of 10 seeds, $2.50
FA01 Gardenia ( Gardenia Jasminodes )
Also know as Cape Jasimine, native to China, Gardenia's evoke images of exotic, sweet-scented flowers and soft, island breezes. Glossy, dark green leaves provide a luxuriant backdrop to heavily-scented, double, creamy-white blooms. Grown in dappled shade, Gardenia's like well amended and well drained ( 5-6 pH ) acid soil and will reach a height of 4-6 feet. Blooms are long lasting and are ideal for cut flowers. Hardy to 20 F. and in zones 8-10.
 50mg Package ( about 15 seeds ) $2.95
JF01 Scalloped Leaf Lady's Mantle ( Alchemilla erythropoda alma )
Scalloped blue green leaf, lime green leaf, chartreuse flowers, compact plant, Primed Seed, grows only 8 inches tall, this is a wonderful accent plant for pots or garden. A perennial that is hardy to zone 3.
  Package of 10 seeds, $3.50
JF02 Blutopis ( Bacopa }
First Bacopa from seed, lavender blue, early, mounds and trails, Multi-seed Pellets ( each pellet contains 6-8 seeds }, grows 8" tall, an excellent basket plant, ours seem to bloom non-stop. Annual.
  Package of 10 Multi-seed Pellets $3.50
JF04 Blue Myth ( Caryopteris incana )
One of the best new perennials we have tried. Showy clusters of vibrant blue foliage, silvery aromatic foliage, long blooming garden plant, wonderful cutflower materials, this plant has it all! Grows about 24" tall, hardy to zone 4.
  Package of 25 seeds, $3.50
JF23 The Rose ( Felicia heterophylla )
Excellent bedding and bakest plant. Fleuroselect winner - rose colored popular basket crop, annual growing 12" tall and blooming 12 weeks from seed.
  Package of 10 seeds, $3.50
JF07 Melting Fire ( Heuchera )
The reddest foliage yet in this genus, terrific garden foliage contrast, small white flowers, excellent cutflower material. A perennial well suited for pots and garden, grows 12 inches tall, hardy to zone 4.
  Package of 25 seeds, $3.50
BM19 Bergamo Bee Balm ( Monarda hybrida )
Our favorite Bee Balm. Fleuroselect, unique compact plant, rose purple blooms, mildew resistant, early to flower, short lived, excellent cut flower. A perennial growing 16" tall, hardy to zone 5.
  20mg Package ( about 50 seeds ) $3.50
JF11 Mon Amie Blue Myosotis
Light blue, Super early, needs no vernalization to flower 12 weeks from seed, excellent cutflower, perennial growing 6" tall, hardy to zone 4.
  Package of 25 seeds, $3.50
BM41 Taiga Sky Blue Russian Sage ( Perovskia atriplicifolia )
Our favorite Russian Sage, long sky blue flower spikes, silver leaf, heat tolerant, grow in large pots for best effect, Primed seeds. Perennial growing 16" tall, hardy to zone 5.
  0.05g Package of about 20 seeds, $2.95
JF19 Emerald Lace ( Plectranthus )
Excellent plant for beginners. Tough as Nails, textured variegated leaf, blush white flowers, for fantastic foliage accent for shade containers or houseplant. Annual, blooms in 14 weeks from seeds.
  Package of 10 seeds, $3.50
NB07 Fairy Queen ( Salvia Farinacea )
Fleuroselect, unique bicolor sapphire blue with white spots, good cut flower. Grows 24" tall, blooms in 12 weeks from seed, annual.
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JF21 Silverado Foam Flower ( Tiarella wherryi )
White flowers, silky green leaf, good in shade, long bloomer, easy pot culture, Primed for easy germination, a perennial growing 10" tall, hardy to zone 3.
  Package of 25 seeds, $3.50
JF22 Skippy Plum Gold Viola
Sure to become a favorite of viola lovers, it already is with us. AAS, A rainbow of color, whiskered yellow center, maroon splashes, azure wing, annual growing 8" tall and blooming 11 weeks from seed.
  Package of 25 seeds, $3.50
JF24 Concorde Mix Streptocarpus ( Cape Primrose )
This under-used F1 flower is excellent in baskets in sun or shade. An early flowering hybrid in blue/pink shades, annual growing 8" tall, blooming 20 weeks from seed.
  Package of 20 seeds, $3.50
RHC825 Brazen Brass ( Ornamental Mustard )
Glossy purple red foliage for desirable contrast in container or garden, grows 12" tall.
 Nursery Trade Package of 250 seeds, $10.50