Linaria Seeds

Also known as toadflax, and often called mini-snapdragon because of the resemblance, Linaria makes an impressive, colorful show when planted in mass, and is also an excellent container filler or border flower. Cut flowers make unique and showy bouquets.
Useful gardening information
In our opinion, it is best to cold strat the seeds, start them in small trays and then plant them outside. Most say it is best to direct sow them outside.
If starting inside: Fill a small container with growing medium, dampen the growing medium, sow tiny seeds on surface, place in a freezer bag, keep moist, then stratify by refrigeration for three weeks, then remove container from fridge and place in an area of warmth and bright light.
Germination time: two to three weeks in the light. Temperature needs to be 60 degrees or warmer. Start this process sfoeven or eight weeks in advance. Transplant outdoors following the last frost.
TRM611 Linaria Lace Mix ( Linaria maroccana )
A wonderful cutting variety of Linaria, a mix of many cheerful spring colors, strong stems. This makes a great flower bed plant in addition to providing lots of cutting material for years. A perennial cutting plant growing about 30" tall. Good for zones 6-9.
 4mg pack ( about 50 seeds )$2.25
TRN429 Fairy Bouquet ( Linaria maroccana )
This heirloom variety is one of the best for boquets. Small snap-dragon type flowers are held over lacy foliage, attracts butterflies and bees. The color range is sublime, in soft, not-quite- pastel tones of cream, buttercup, rose and lavender. Excellent flowering plant for rock gardens, containers and hanging baskets, and extremely showy in massed plantings!
Grows to about 9 inches tall quickly from seed, plants bloom over a long season. All America Award winner for 1934. A classic cottage garden variety.
Good for zones 6-9, but mostly grown as a hardy annual.
 25mg pack ( about 200 seeds )$2.25
TPF079 Linaria Heavenly Mix ( Linaria maroccana )
Also known as Spurred Snapdragon, a hardy annual growing to 24" tall with pink/yellow/violet flowers. Perennial for zones 5-8.
  $2.00  Per Pack   Seeds Per Pack: 1,000
1A454 Enchantment Linaria ( Multiseed Pellets )
Highly fragrant, snap-like flowers, intense magenta with gold bee, finely cut leaf, excellent cool season crop, Multiseed Pellets contain 6-8 seeds per pellet. Annual growing about 14" tall and blooming 9 weeks from seed.
  10 Multi-seed Pellets shipped in protective vial: $3.95

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