Hollyhock Seed ( Perennial )

Home flower gardeners enjoy growing hollyhocks in borders or against walls and fences where their spectacular flowers stand tall above all else. The classic variety (Alcea rosea) has graced outbuildings and farmsteads for more than a century. Very attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.
Hollyhock truly is an old garden favorite, with a long blooming season. Usually considered a short-lived perennial in Zones 3-8, but may live for several years if stalks are cut off at their bases after the flowers fade. Makes an excellent screening plant to hide unsightly places.
A good background companion for shorter plants. Hollyhock is very easy to grow, preferring a warm, sunny location sheltered from the wind. Will tolerate moist conditions. Bloom midsummer-early fall.
Useful gardening information
Sow hollyhock seeds outdoors just beneath the surface of the soil 1-2 weeks before last frost. Seeds will germinate in 10-14 days.
Thin to 18-36 inches apart after seedlings have sprouted. Water as needed during dry conditions to keep flowers blooming. Feeding plants with fertilizer every few weeks will result in bigger, bolder blooms.
When flowers fade, cut stalks to the ground.

TRM883 Soft Pink Hollyhock ( Malva alcea fastigiata )
This plant will stand out from all other border plants in your garden all summer long. This big, bushy plant is a real eye-catcher for the midsummer garden, where its soft pink blooms on 3 to 4 foot stems make a handsome display from July to October.
The plants form thick crowns from which grow as many as 50 stems, each covered with dozens of small blooms above intricately lobed foliage.
Grows about 24-36 inches tall, hardy for zones 4-8.
  60mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.75
TRM884 Pink Perfection Hollyhock ( Malva moschata 'Pink Perfection' )
This prolific bloomer will flower all summer with it's delightful, pink, 2½" mallow flowers.
From early summer to early fall, lots of rosy pink blossoms are displayed in clusters, attracting curious butterflies. The crepe paper-like petals resemble triangular fishtails.
Grows about 24-36 inches tall, hardy for zones 4-8.
  62mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.75
TRM901 Dwarf Snow White Hollyhock ( Malva moschata alba )
Fleuroselect, Dwarf form, masses of pure white flowers, blooms all summer, for garden or pot, grows only 16" tall, hardy for zones 4-8.
  70mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.75
TRM970 French Hollyhock ( Malva sylvestris mauritiana )
3-4 feet tall. Zone 3-8. The purple flowers have dark stripes that radiate from the center. Each stem carries multiple blooms all summer. The plants seed prolifically.
 75mg Package ( about 15 seeds ) $2.25