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For spring harvest direct seed 2-3 weeks before the last frost. For fall harvests direct seed in midsummer. Thin plants to 10-18” apart.

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Mustard Seeds

NB21 Giant Japanese Red Mustard
Brassica juncea. 45 days. Large, tender Purple/Red Japanese mustard leaves are thick, savoy type and pungent with white mid-rib. Leaves turn purple at low temps and plants are tolerant to cool fall weather. Sow early spring or late summer.
 0.6g Pack ( 200+ seeds ) $2.25
IP126 Deep Purple Mustard
( Brassica juncea ). One of the darkest purple edible mustards available for baby leaf production. The leaves are milder tasting than Red Mustard and have a green underside.A delightful addition to salads, and a beautiful container plant too! Darkest of the purple mustards, with a milder flavor than red mustard. Baby leaves are ready after 25 days. Very good bolt tolerance. 45 days.
 3g Pack ( several hundred seeds ) $2.95
VUD30 Southern Giant Curled Mustard
Brassica juncea. Large, frilly light green leaves on sturdy, upright plants. Use young leaves in salads for a mild mustard flavor. A relatively long standing variety. Its flavor is best during cooler weather on less mature plants. Superb flavor. High in Vitamin A, B, and C. Excellent freezing and canning variety. A traditional Southern favorite. Approximately 40 days to maturity.
 0.9g Pack ( 300+ seeds ) $2.25
 Bulk Four Ounce Pack $7.50
VUD31 Florida Broadleaf Mustard
Brassica juncea. Plant produces good yields of flavorful green mustard leaves. Excellent greens used in salads, sandwiches, or cooked. This variety bolts slower than other varieties. High in Vitamin A, B, and C. Excellent freezing and canning variety. A traditional Southern favorite. Grows 24" tall, produces in 45 days.
 0.9g Pack ( 300+ seeds ) $2.25
 Bulk Four Ounce Pack $7.50
VUD32 Tendergreen Spinach Mustard
An early maturing flavorful nutritious vegetable. Leaves are mild flavored, smooth and dark green. Usually cooked as greens but can be used raw in salads like spinach. As easy to grow as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Approximately 40 days to maturity.
 900mg Pack ( 300+ seeds ) $2.25
 Bulk Four Ounce Pack $7.50
1A315 Yellow Mustard
Grows 18-48 inches tall. This is one of the mustards used to produce mustard seeds for making condiments. It is sprouted with watercress to make the famous British cress and mustard. The seeds make a milder mustard than the black variety. The leaves can be eaten as a potherb.
 3.5g Pack ( 200+ seeds ) $2.25
TRN434 Ruby Streaks ( Brassica juncea )
Excellent dark green and maroon leaves.
Leaves are finely serrated at baby size and mizuna-shaped at full size. The color ranges from dark green with red veins to dark maroon at either size, with the maroon color being darker in cooler weather. The flavor is sweet and slightly pungent.
21 days baby, 40 days full size.
 450mg Pack ( about 500 seeds ) $2.95
TRN435 India Red
Add a dash of color and flavor to your salads! Oriental, crisp and spicy, large smooth maroon splashed green leaf, thick and tender.
Excellent for braising or salad, baby greens and more. 48 days.
 411mg Pack ( usually over 200 seeds ) $2.95

Other Types of Greens

IP249 Good King Henry ( Chenopodium bonus-henricus )
Good King Henry has been used as a vegetable for centuries and was once a common sight in every garden. But this reliable kitchen garden staple has fallen by the wayside in recent years, since it is not easily cultivated in large commercial operations.
Good King Henry may have become something of a rarity today, but this unique herb still has much to offer to the home or cottage gardener.
A perennial herb in the family Chenopodiaceae, the same plant family as some familiar vegetables (including beetroot and chard) and some other useful but more unusual plants including quinoa and tree spinach. This unique herb possesses many unusual functions. One of its many common names is "All Good" and pretty much all of the plant can be eaten.
The succulent young leaves and flowering stems can be either eaten in salads or cooked like spinach. The seed can be ground and mixed with flour then used in making bread. Known as 'poor man's asparagus', the growing shoots can be tie together in bundles, cooked and eaten like asparagus. Considered to be a gourmet food, young flower buds can be sauteed in butter
It has been used as a herbal medicine to alleviate stomach-ache. The seed is a gentle laxative that is suitable for children. Chickens especially seem to have a special fondness for Good King Henry; one of its common names is "fat hen".
The root is used as a cough remedy for livestock such as sheep and goats.
 250mg pack ( over 100 seeds ) $2.95
IP144 Jews Mallow, Egyptian Spinach ( Molokhia )
This Middle Eastern super-green, known as Jew's mallow or Egyptian spinach, has a high vitamin and mineral content. This "food of kings" dates back to the time of the pharaohs, when an Egyptian king drank it in soup to recover from an illness. Nutritionally, it has three times the calcium and phosphorous as Kale, and four times the amount of riboflavin. It also provides 70% of the RDA value for Vitamin C, 25% of the RDA of Vitamin A among a host of other minerals and vitamins. Today, it's one of the most widely eaten vegetables in Egypt. 60 days.
Planting season: Late spring/summer.
A good recipe and more info.
  300mg pack ( about 200 seeds ) $2.95
TRN150 Red-Green Calaloo Asian Greens
Also known as Red Leaf Vegetable Amaranth, and Red Calaloo in the Caribbean.
Medium green, oval to heart-shaped leaves are overlaid with burgundy red. Comparable to spinach in flavor. Often used in soups.
Sow thinly, 12-15 seeds/foot, 1/8- 1/4" deep, in warm 7°F soil. Thin to 6" apart. Pick individual leaves; pinch off terminal buds to encourage branching.
  150mg Package ( about 500 seeds ) $2.50
IP117 Wasabi Arugula
New! Great wasabi flavor.
Wasabi arugula gives the same nose-tingling sensation as the wasabi condiment used in Japanese dishes. Leaves are spoon-shaped with a toothed margin. This variety is best for very early spring and fall plantings as well as winter planting in regions with mild winters. Late spring and summer plantings have a tendency to bolt. Excellent bunched or to add a unique punch to salad mixes.
Jim's Note: Arugula prefers a fertile, well-drained soil, with a pH range of 6.0-6.8 in full sun to part shade. Arugula does prefer cool conditions and is hardy enough to over-winter in many locations from late summer and early fall sowings. It is also well-adapted for growing in cool greenhouses and high tunnels for winter production. Direct seed 1/8" deep from early spring onward @ 30-50 seeds/ft. Germination should take 5-7 days. Keep soil moist to slow bolting. For a continual supply, plant every 2-3 weeks until 1 month prior to first avg. frost date.
  800mg Package ( over 3,000 tiny seeds ) $7.95
3418 Wasabissimo Asian Mustard
Delicious, spicy, wasabi-like flavor, grow as sprouts to add extra zest to salads, or a spicy pot herb for cold days.
 750mg pack ( about 150-200 seeds ) $2.25
3419 Raspberry Dressing Rumex
For gourmet salads, tasty green leaf with appetizing red veins, double duty as vivacious mixed container accent foliage plant.
 15mg pack ( about 40-50 seeds ) $2.25
TRN374 Salad Burnet Poterium sanguisorba
An easy to grow perennial plant in zones 5-8, or can be grown as an annual. Uses are many: Culinary/Medicinal/Beverage/Aromatic. Nut-cucumber flavour of leaves is welcome in all salads with French dressing or mayonnaise. Also in soups, casseroles, herb vinegars and cream cheeses. Improves skin in facial treatments.
 375mg Pack ( about 40-50 seeds ) $2.95
NB22 Komatsuna Japanese Mustard Spinach
Brassica rapa var. perviridis 35 days. All season Japanese Green. Easy to grow. Mild, tender greens for salads, stir-fry. Uniform upright plants with slender, tasty, cylindrical green stems and dark green, round leaves. Disease tolerant.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 600mg Pack ( 150+ seeds ) $2.25
TRN680 Summerfest Komatsuna Hybrid
Mild tender greens. Japanese greens for salad and braising mixes. Uniform, upright plants with slender, fleshy, rounded green stems and dark green, rounded leaves. Good heat tolerance.
 750mg Pack ( about 250-300 seeds ) $2.95
W240 Carlton Greens
Traditionally used in Japan in stir fries and soups, it also is excellent braised or, at the baby leaf stage, used in salads.
Really good in baby leaf salad, smooth dark green leaf mature 4" x 12", tender, not mustardy, tolerates heat and cold very well. 30 days.
 600mg pack ( about 250 seeds ) $2.95
NB26 Tsoi Sim Chinese Vegetable
Brassica juncea var. multisecta 40 days. Chinese green. Harvest young stalks with a few flower buds like Italian rapine or rappa. Sow in early summer. Use in soups or for stir-fry, salads, etc. Excellent flavor, very tender. Similar in culture and use as Hon Tsai Tai.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 800mg Pack ( 150+ seeds ) $2.25
NW12 Green Seoul Chinese Cabbage
A Korean version of the popular loose leafed cabbage used in Chinese cooking. This Cabbage is good for stir frys and Kimchee pickling. A fast grower that can be container grown.
  80mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $1.50
3591 Greens: Komatsuna Red Mustard Spinach
Japanese type, for salad and braising mix, uniform, round dark green leaf, heat tolerant, 35 days.
 750mg pack ( about 300 seeds ) $2.95
TST118 Komatsuma Tendergreen Oriental Greens
Japanese mustard greens, tasty, slightly spicy flavor, great for stir-frying or salads, good for hot or cold weather.
 4g Package ( about a 1,000 seeds ) $2.75
NW14 Chinese Mizuna
An essential salad mix ingredient. Unique mustard green of Japanese origin. Mizuna produces dozens of pencil thin white stalks with deeply cut, fringed leaves. Mild flavor. Continues to produce for several weeks from one planting as a cut and come again product.
A vigorous leafy vegetable used in stir frys, pickling and salads. Can be grown year round. The more you cut and harvest off this juicy, well flavored vegetable the more it produces.
 1.12g Package ( a few hundred seeds ) $1.95
TRN353 Winter Purslane ( Indian Lettuce )
Succulent, melt-in-your mouth salad green, grows freely in cool, part shade.
  475mg pack ( about 400 seeds ) $2.95
TRN406 Catalogna Pugliese Chicory ( Chichorium interbus )
Italian specialty, Strongly serrated green leaf, long white stem, cook or serve fresh in salad. Best for fall growing. Cannot ship to CO or SD.
 102mg ( about 70 seeds ) $2.15
3441 Hon-Tsai Tai Chinese Vegetable
This vegetable has deep purple leaf and flower stalks and dark green leaves. The plant grows vigorously and produces lots of flower buds for vegetable use. Young stalks and flowers are very tender, excellent for stir-fry. This vegetable is tolerant at low temperature and the purple color intensifies as the temperature decreases.
 700mg Pack ( 200+ seeds ) $2.50
3424 Huauzontle
Red Aztec Spinach, old world heirloom, red leaf, crisp, plant similar to quinoa, sweet salty taste, perfect for designer salad, 50 days.
  90mg package ( about 150-200 seeds ) $2.95
3426 Giant Goosefoot Magentaspreen
Magenta leaf tips, tender, rich flavor, summer salad addition, 50 days. Even if you can't say it, you can eat and enjoy it.
  100mg package ( about 250-300 seeds ) $2.95