Nemesia Flower Seeds

Nemesia is a charming cool season annual with pretty little snapdragon-shape flowers ( most of them often fragrant ) that bloom in a wide range of colors. It does best in spring and fall (winter in mild-winter climates), though some varieties have better heat-tolerance than others. In cool-summer areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, nemesia will continue to bloom right through the summer into fall. Nemesia prefers moist, well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter.

Nemesias are difficult to grow well in many parts of the U. S. because of their preference for moderate daytime temperatures and cool nights. They detest hot and humid summer conditions.

Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost date or purchase starter plants. Set out seedlings/starter plants at last frost date.

TRM643 Festival Mix ( Nemesia fruticans )
Wonderfully fragrant, mix of pink, lilac and white shades, upright plant, grows 24" tall, ready in 12 weeks from seed. Annual.
 8mg Package of about 75-100 seeds $2.95
NB04 Carnival Mix ( Nemesia )
Basal branched compact plants, large flowered, grow cool, for pots or combination baskets, grows 10" tall, ready in 14 weeks from seed. Annual.
  3mg Package of about 75-100 seeds $2.95
NB46 Danish Flag ( Nemesia strumosa )
(National Ensign) floriferous bedding plant, red/white bicolor, grows 8" tall, ready in 12 weeks from seed. Annual.
  3mg Package of about 20-25 seeds $2.95
TRM644 Poetry Mix Pelleted Seeds ( Nemesia foetens )
Bushy, well branched, fragrant, cool season crop for pot or mixed container, Pellets, PVP, grows 12" tall, ready in 11 weeks from seed. Annual.
 25mg Package ( about 25 pelleted seeds ) $2.95