New Perennial Seed Additions

IP011 Cushion Spurge ( Euphorbia Polychroma )
Cushion Spurge gives visual interest through the seasons with leaves turning from yellow to bright green to red as the seasons change from spring to summer to fall. Cushion Spurge gets it name because it grows in a rounded mound that resembles a cushion.
Cushion Spurge performs beautifully as an edging along a formal walk or winding garden path, as a rock garden or border specimen, planted on top of retaining walls, or massed in moderate expanses as a general ground cover plant.
In the cooler zones the plant will do fine in full sun, but in southern zones the plant will prefer some afternoon shade in order to perform its best. Cushion Spurge is not for wet soils or for soils that are over fertilized. It is very drought tolerant, but it does not handle foot traffic well.
Plant care includes cutting the plant back by about 1/3 after flowering is through. This trim will keep the plant compact and neat. Cushion Spurge will self seed easily, so cutting the plant back will slow this process down. Wear gloves when handling the plant since the white sap is a skin irritant. Avoid too much fertilizing as plant will become leggy.
Best suited for zones 4-8.
  50mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.95
TRN205 Lamb's Ear ( Stachys Macrantha Superba )
Grow this old-fashioned treasure that was in Grandma's garden, and is gaining new popularity as a charming flower with romantic rosy-lavender flower spikes. The flowers are long-lived and work well as a cut flower. The foliage is bright green with crinkled, ovate to heart-shaped leaves.
Very attractive and a great addition for the cottage garden of a bygone era. The compact, bushy plants work well along the border or as a general ground cover. IT is very drought tolerant and prefers to dry out between waterings.
Also known as Big Betony, it is making a comeback in popularity as a long-blooming, colorful, compact choice for beds and borders. Has a spreading habit and is a liberal self-sower dropping its own flower seeds. If you want to keep it contained, deadhead spent blooms before seeds fall.
Hardy for zones 5-7.
Germination instructions: Sow at soil temperuture of 41°F or lower, needs to planted in cold soil, the warming soil triggers germination, germination irregular, often several weeks.
Average Germ Time: 28-42 days. Light Required: Yes.
Depth: Do not cover the seed but press into the soil. Sowing Rate: 3-4 seeds per plant.
Moisture: Keep seeds moist until germination. Plant Spacing: 18-24 inches.
  10 seeds $2.95
W262 Orange Marguerite Daisy ( Anthemis Sancti-Johannis )
These daisy like flowers are among the best choices for long lived color in the sunny border. They offer a wonderful display of color and plants that feature ferny, mounding foliage and a profusion of bright orange daisies. The bees and butterflies love the sunny orange blooms!
This lovely perennial is also known as St. John Chamomile. Marguerite Daisies work well in containers and in the sunny perennial garden. They also make great cut flowers. The plant is pretty drought tolerant and adapts well to poor soils. When blooms are faded, deadheading regularly will greatly increase blooming time.
If plants become floppy in mid-summer, shear them back to 6 inches to help them rejuvenate. It tends to be a short-lived perennial, but it will often re-seed by dropping their own flower seeds in the late fall.
Zones 3-7.
45mg pack ( about 50 seeds ) $2.50
SF208 Yellow Flax ( Linum Flavum Compactum )
Yellow flax is well suited for rock gardens or growing along rocky paths. This perennial prefers full sun and soils that drain well, and it has a high drought tolerance once it is established.
This compact Linum offers lovely, airy yellow flowers and dark green, lance-shaped leaves. Even when not in bloom, the grassy leaves give a delicate texture to the garden.
Place the plants in the front of the flower border or in containers for extra appeal.
Grows 8-12 inches tall, good for zones 4-9.
  60mg package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.95
AW35 Illinois Bundleflower ( Desmanthus illinoensis )
Illinois bundleflower is rated by some authorities as our most important native legume and is included in range revegetation programs since the species is readily eaten by livestock. The lenticular seeds contain 38 percent protein on a dry weight basis, which compares favorably with soybeans.
Seeds are desirable for wild birds. The plant is considered a nutritious and palatable browse for wildlife.
Pawnee Indians used leaf tea as wash for itching. Hopi used seeds placed in eye for conjunctivitis.
A perennial growing to 3-6 ft. tall with cream colored flowers. Hardy to zone 5. The primary attraction of Illinois Bundleflower is the refined appearance of its fern-like foliage. The subleaflets of the compound leaves fold together at night, and they close partially during hot sunny days in order to reduce moisture loss. During the morning and evening, when sunlight is less intense, the compound leaves orient themselves in the direction of the sun in order to maximize the reception of its light.
 4g package ( hundreds of seeds ) $2.25
JF373 Blue Hobbit Sea Holly ( Eryngium )
First dwarf type, uniform, compact plant smothered in small blue globes, drought tolerant, for garden or pot, grows about 12" tall, hardy to zone 4.
 10 seeds $2.95
TRN230 Redstart Heartleaf Bergenia ( Bergenia cordifolia )
Redstart Heartleaf Bergenia is a clump forming perennial with thick glossy, rounded to heart shaped leaves producing stems of vibrant red flowers for 6-8 weeks beginning in April. Likes part shade.
Bergenia plants are tough perennials that form a low, laterally spreading, herbaceous ground cover. The ground cover spreads by producing new plants from short underground stems.
Bergenia is a type of Saxifraga which forms neat mounds of leathery, dark green foliage that grows just 6 inches high. The foliage has great year around appeal. The flowers are produced on strong stems, 12 - 18 inches high. On top of each stem is a graceful, nodding cluster of carmine red blooms.
The blooms start in late winter and last through part of spring. Bergenia Cordifolia is attractive and very eye-catching! Plants have thick, leathery, shiny, evergreen leaves that are not only large, they are colored a very deep shade of green and are often used in floral arrangements.
Bergenia perform happily in any well-drained, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil. They tolerate short periods of drought, yet perform best if the soil is kept moderately moist. Bergenia plants prefer partial shade in hotter climates. Hardy for zones 3-8.
Germination instructions: Sow seed indoors. Use starter trays and sterile starter mix. Press seeds into the starter mix but do not cover the seeds. Seed needs light to germinate. Keep the seeds moist until germination. Germination can be uneven. Moderate, but constant humidity is very important. Transplant the plants into the garden 15 inches apart after all danger of frost has passed.
Germination time is 15-42 days.
  10 seeds $2.95
JF374 Silver Ghost Sea Holly ( Eryngium giganteum )
Electric silver blue with pale green flowers and bracts, robust, for garden or cut, grows about 42" tall, hardy to zone 5.
 20 seeds $2.95
3350 Monarchs Velvet ( Potentilla thurberi )
This beautiful perennial showcases captivating flowers with raspberry-red, heart-shaped petals surrounding a velvet crimson center. Common name, Cinquefoil, means five-leaved in reference to the foliage. Mounds of low maintenance strawberry-like foliage adds a pleasing texture to complement other plants in the garden. Best suited for zones 4-8.
 15mg Package of 50 seeds $3.95
TRM152 Chilean Yellow Pocketbook Flower ( Calceolaria dentata )
A unique flowering plant from Chile. A delightful addition to the summer border. A shrubby plant smothered in golden yellow purses all summer and into winter in mild areas. USDA Hardiness Zone 8. The plant does not tolerate snow, but can tolerate occasional light freezing spells of about 23 degrees F., (the typical morning frost of central Chile).
If you are looking or a unique garden plant your neighbors are unlikely to be able to find, this is the one you want!
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3335 Billy Buttons ( Craspedia Globosa )
For gardeners who are looking for rare and new flower varieties to add to their summer display, look no further than Billy Buttons, a very unique blooming plant that is a perennial wildflower native to New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania.
The brilliant yellow hue of these 1 inch globes make them a striking addition to the flower garden. Commonly known as Billy Button or Drumstick, Craspedia is considered a half-hardy annual here in the United States. It generally blooms all summer long, and is very popular for cutting and drying. The flower heads are tough and durable making an exceptional dried flower.

Sow seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost is expected. Sow the flower seeds on the surface and lightly cover with peat moss or sand. The flower seeds need light for germination. Transplant seedlings when there are at least 2 sets of true leaves. They prefer full sun and gritty, well-drained soil. Plants are tolerant of poor soil and drought.
Seed can also be sown directly outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. Prepare a seed bed with loosed soil and weed free, sow the seeds directly on the surface and lightly sprinkle peat moss or sand on top. Keep the flower seeds moist until germination.
 20mg pack ( about 25-30 seeds ) $2.25
TRM531 Mikoikoi (Libertia ixioides)
Mikoikoi is found throughout New Zealand and Stewart Island, it is an evergreen rhizomatous soft-wooded perennial growing on ridges, cliffs, gullies, river banks, coastal cliffs, and upland forest. It has white flowers in late spring to early summer and differs from Libertia grandiflora in that the flowers are amongst the leaves rather than above. The white three petaled flowers are on short flower spike.
It has stiff sword like yellow tinged green leaves in a fan leaf arrangement ( Height 12-18 inches ). The bright yellow pods remain unopened for 2-3 months.
Perennial for zones 8-11.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
FA71 Dark Beauty ( Ligularia przewalskii )
Clump forming perennials with dark purplish colored, large rounded leaves with purple maroon colored undersides. In mid summer plants have daisy like yellow-gold flowers on thick spikes that rise just above the foliage, with leafy bracts. This species likes a moist, semi shady site, but takes more sun with more moisture in the soil. Grows 3-4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Blooms in July-Aug.
Native to China and Japan, hardy in zones 4-9, lower if in a location with cool soils. When grown, they become very large, bold specimens that command attention when you have visitors in the garden.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.25
TRM436 Midnight Lady ( Ligularia denata )
An exquisite contrast between the large, decorative, dark purple foliage and husky orange-yellow flowers. Foliage is rounded and kidney shaped with toothed edges on sturdy stems. Foliage is nearly black-purple during spring.
Native to China and Japan, hardy in zones 4-9, lower if in a location with cool soils. When grown, they become very large, bold specimens that command attention when you have visitors in the garden.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
FA38 Porto Spineless ( Cynara cardunculus )
Stunning ornamental!
This tropical-looking cardoon is specially bred for cut flower use. Serrated, silver-green leaves add dramatic flair to arrangements or deserve a prominent position in the gardenscape. Foliage can be harvested anytime but this tender perennial will not bloom until the second season. Hardy in zones 6-10. Ht. 36-48". Tender perennial.
  Package of 15 seeds $2.95
TRM515 Palace Purple Coral Bells ( Heuchera macrantha )
Burgundy purple evergreen foliage, white flowers, former Perennial Plant of the Year. Grows about 10" tall, outstanding accent plant. Perennial, hardy to zone 4. Pelleted seeds for easy sowing.
 3mg Package ( about 50 pelleted seeds ) $2.95
FB148 Dead Man's Fingers ( Decaisnea fargesii )
A small multi-trunked tree, Decaisnea rarely exceeds 5-6 meters in height, with a similar spread. The bright green pinnate leaves, which can be as long as 90cm (3ft), emerge in mid-spring. The pendent panicles of blooms, up to 45cm (18in) long, have sparse bright green-yellow petalless flowers, up to 3cm (2in) in diameter. The fruit, up to 15cm (6in) in length and resembling fat been-pods, turn dull metallic blue in the autumn.
Decaisnea can make for a remarkable conversation piece in any garden. The common name 'Dead Man's Fingers' is a surprisingly apt description of what the over-ripe fruit looks, and dare we say, feels like. This is a beautiful plant in its own right, but it really shines as an annual source of excellent Hallowe'en decorations. Even better effects for halloween decorations is the fact that inside the ripe blue pods are several dozen black beans are suspended in a liquid that looks like clear phlegm, they are truely gross looking, but the "phlegm" is actually sweet and delicious.
Sow seed in containers in autumn or spring. Maintain even, but not excessive, moisture. Grow on in any good garden soil. Hardy to 5°F.
  5 Seed Package $2.95
3572 Hardy Primrose ( Primula vulgaris )
Very hardy primrose, wide color range, spring bloomer, tolerates moist soil Grows 8 inches tall, hardy for zones 2 and up.
Note: These seeds need to be cold statified before sowing. We recommend using the Seedman's Cold Stratification Kits for cold stratification.
 18mg pack ( about 30 seeds ) $2.95
3355 Blue Angel ( Anchus capensis )
Indigo blue flowers, great perennial bedding plant for early summer. Grows 10 inches tall, hardy for zones 5 and up.
  45mg Package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.75
W219 Amor Blue Cupid's Dart ( Catananche )
Elegant border plant with fine blue flowers on slender stems, gray foliage, flowers first season. Grows 24 inches tall, hardy to zone 5.
  40mg Seed Package ( usually 10 or more seeds ) $2.15
FA119 Cerinthe Kiwi Blue
18-24 in. Novel blue flowers. Unusual plant, also known as Honeywort , Blue Shrimp Plant or Wax Plant. Fleshy, waxy, blue-green leaves spiral up the stems turning into tightly packed purplish-blue bracts and ending in small clusters of rich, purple-blue, nodding flowers. . Zones 8-10, or grow as an annual.
  5 Seed Package $3.95
3573 Celadine Poppy ( Chelidonium majus )
1" yellow flowers adorn this woodland edge plant, grows about 20" tall, hardy to zone 3. Perennial.
Greater Celandine will grow in almost any soil except waterlogged but it does like a reasonable amount of water. Ideal plant for part or full shade but it will grow in full sun in lower zones (6 and 7) provided it has moisture. Prefers a rich woodland soil in semi shade with decent moisture.
It is an excellent choice for growing on partially shaded walls or in rock gardens provided there is a pocket of soil to establish its roots.
  23mg pack ( about 30 seeds ) $2.95
SF037 Blue Moon Dragon's Head ( Dracocephalum )
A beautiful perennial plant with violet-blue flowers in erect spikes and delightfully scented foliage growing to 12 inches tall.
Color: Violet Blue   Zone: 4-8   Spacing:18"   Height: 12"   Start Seeds: Anytime of year inside, for transplanting outside in Spring.
  60mg Package ( about 40 seeds ) $2.15
FB164 Pride of Madiera ( Echium fastuosum )
Shrublike, 24" spires of violet blue flowers, short gray green sword shaped leaf, grows 72" tall, hardy to zone 9.
  10 Seed Package $2.95
NB60 Helianthemum Nummularia ( Mutabile Mix )
Perennial. Splendid mixture for rockeries, evergreen, buttercup flowers in pastels and whites, grows about 6 inches tall, hardy to zone 4.
  30mg package of about 25 seeds $2.35
3209 Blue Knoll ( Heteropappus meyendorfii )
Flowers first year from seeds, plants are smothered in thousands of shiny, light reflecting flowers, forming perfect mounds (or knolls) 12in. high and 18in. across. During a season when little else is in flower, they are a perfect fit for a change in containers or will brighten up the border, looking like blue charm chrysanthemums. No matter what the weather conditions - torrential rain, snow or frost they continue to look far and away the best, brightest plant in the garden, even right through November. Zones 3-9.
  10 Seed Package $2.95
1A457 Coral Bells Dale's Strain ( Heuchera Americana )
Marbled leaf, cream flowers, the best foliaged Coral Bells from seed. Grows 16 inches tall, hardy to zone 4. Pelleted seeds for easy germination.
 18mg package ( about 25 pelleted seeds )$2.75
TRN045 Coral Bells Heuchera Purple Palace ( Heuchera x. micrantha )
Features very large, shiny, and star-shaped leaves, ranging in color from deep olive green to purplish-bronze. Their undersides, which are quite visible in the loosely formed clumps, are a striking metallic amethyst purple. The 20 inch tall, leafed flower scapes bear an abundance of tiny cream flowers.
Coral bells are easy to grow and blend easily with most other perennials in the landscape. Because of their low, mounding habit, they are often used as edging along paths or in containers.
Excellent in containers or borders, best if planted in groups with other foliage plants. Prefers full sun or partial shade, in well drained soil or compost. Zones 3-9
  15mg pack ( about 400 tiny seeds ) $4.95
TPF028 Candytuft ( Iberis umbellata )
A vigorous perennial growing 12-18" tall with mounds of white, pink or lilac flowers. Excellent border plant.
  $2.15  Per 300mg Pack ( about 100 seeds )
TPF079 Linaria Heavenly Mix ( Linaria maroccana )
Also known as Spurred Snapdragon, a hardy annual growing to 24" tall with pink/yellow/violet flowers. Perennial for zones 5-8.
  $2.00  Per Pack   Seeds Per Pack: 1,000
FA103 Honesty Plant ( Lunaria annua )
Also know as Money Plant. Fragrant purple flowers in spring, neat seed pods, for border or drying. Grows 24 inches tall, hardy to zone 3.
 2.5cc seed package ( about 40-50 seeds ) $2.25
RHC726 Napaea Dioica
4" clusters of white flowers, 10" long leaf, fragrant, likes moist area in sun, grows 48" tall, hardy to zone 4.
  $7.95 Per Pack of 250 Seeds
IM094 Sunset Boulevard ( Oenothera )
Striking orange flowers mature to apricot/red, open all day, dark green leaf, grows 24" tall, hardy to zone 4.
  1mg pack ( about 20 seeeds ) $2.15
TRN262 Lance Leafed Pedicularis ( Pedicularis groenlandica )
Distinctive shape, vertical purple racemes, lance leaf, likes moist soil, grows 16" tall, hardy to zone 3. Perennial.
 11mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.95
2487 Russian Sage ( Perovskia atriplicifolia )
A graceful perennial with gray green foliage and blue flowers throughout the summer. It releases a strong warm aroma when crushed. It grows to about four feet and performs best in full sun. It is drought tolerant, preferring sandy soil which drains well. Grows 16 inches tall, hardy to zone 5.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
FS500 Rose Colored Obedient Plant ( Physotegia )
A stunning lavender pink version of False Dragonhead that grows to 24". Excellent for cut flowers and borders. Perennial Plant.
Color:   Zone: 4-7   Spacing: 24"   Height:24"   Start Seeds: Anytime of year inside, for transplanting outside in Spring.
 50mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.25
TRN005 Sulphur Trumpets ( Polemonium pauciflorum )
Silver fern like foliage with clusters of yellow trumpet flowers, excellent container plant, grows about 18" tall. Zones 6-9.
 12mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.95
2804 Polyphyllus Russell Series Red Shades ( My Castle ) ( Lupinus polyphyllus )
36 in. Long, symmetrical 3 ft. spikes. Will flower the first year from seed. Clump forming. Max height: 24" - 30". Spread: 12" - 16". Zones 3-9.
  15 seed package $1.95
W164 Melton Fire ( Potentilla nepalensis )
Tricolor flowers of deep red, soft crimson, and vanilla on spreading plants, excellent container plant, grows about 16" tall. Zones 4-9.
  1mg package ( about 10 seeds ) $2.45
FS505 Giant Painted Daisies ( Tanacetum )
Big 4" daisy flowers on long stems reaching 24" tall. Easy to raise and makes excellent cut flowers. Also known as Pyrethum.
Painted Daisies are old-fashioned perennials that have always been popular as cut flowers.
Foliage is bright green and ferny, with upright stems bearing loads of fluffy double daisies, in shades of white, pink or crimson red.
Remove faded flower to encourage more buds to form. Plants may be trimmed hard after blooming to rejuvenate the foliage. Easily divided in spring or fall. These are a nice addition to any sunny border, and also useful in containers or tubs.
For zones 2-9.
 50mg pack ( about 30 seeds ) $1.95
SF211 Rodger's Flower ( Rodgersia Henrici Hybrids )
Slowly gaining popularity as a unique plant in the shade garden, used primarily as a specimen, foliage is has a coarse texture unlike many other shady perennials, does not like heavy clay soil. Bold, hardy, large fingered leaf with puffy bright pink blooms for moist areas as well. Grows 30 inches tall, hardy for zone 3 and higher.
  1mg pack ( about 25 seeds ) $2.75
TRN021 Floral Carpet ( Saxifraga )
Dozens of dainty five-petaled single pink flowers in late spring appear above a mounding mossy-like rosette rich evergreen foliage. Prefers an Alpine-like habit making this a great addition to your rock garden. Grows six inches tall, hardy to zone 5.
  3mg pack ( about 50 seeds ) $2.95
TPF039 Creeping Thyme ( Thymus serpyllum )
Also known as "Mother of Thyme", this plant is often planted between flagstones. Has sprawling, creeping habit with lavender flowers. Perennial. Zones 4-9.
 750mg pack ( about 2,000 seeds ) $2.50