Nigella Seed ( Annual )

Love-in-a-mist is a popular cool weather annual that features solitary blue flowers to 1 1/2" wide atop stems clad with finely-cut, thread-like leaves. Each solitary flower appears to sit on a bed of lacy (and misty) foliage, hence the common name.
Plants typically grow to 1.5-2' tall. Plants tend to bloom in late spring, but significantly decline by mid summer as high temperatures become the norm.
Flowers give way to unusual, egg-shaped, horned seed capsules (to 1" diameter) that are covered with bristles. Stems with dried seed capsules make excellent additions to dried flower arrangements.
TPF080 Love-In-A-Mist ( Nigella damascena )
A unique variety of the annual Nigella, this love-in-a-mist features blue flowers.
  $2.25  Per 300mg Pack ( about 200 seeds )