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Onion is a cool-season vegetable that can be grown successfully throughout most of temperate North America. Onions may be grown from sets, transplants or seeds.
Onions start bulb formation when the day length is of the proper duration and different varieties of onions require different day lengths to initiate bulbing. In general, most common varieties fall into one of two classes, long-day (for northern latitudes) and short-day (for southern latitudes). For this reason, onion varieties that are grown in the South are not adaptable to the North and vice versa. Late plantings of the suggested varieties also result in small bulbs or lack of bulbing altogether in any location.
High temperatures and low humidity are advantageous during bulbing and curing. Onions have shallow roots and compete poorly with weeds and grasses. Timely shallow hoeing and cultivation are important, especially when the onions are small.
Onions may be eaten raw, broiled, boiled, baked, creamed, steamed, fried, french fried and pickled. They are used in soups and stews and combination with vegetables and meats.

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IP075 Rossa Savonese
Translucent, semi-flat, red, sweet onion originating from Spain. Mild, excellent flavor. Beautiful onion, excellent for salads and as a fresh slicer. Intermediate Day. 100 days.
  1g package ( about 200 seeds ) $2.25
IP076 Dorata Di Parma
The 'golden' onion of Parma, Italy. A late maturing onion with golden upright top-shaped large bulbs. Excellent storage quality. Compares to any of the top yellow varieties for taste. The shape makes for great slicing. Long Day. 110 days.
  1g package ( about 200 seeds ) $2.25
SF096 Barletta
Another wonderful small onion, perfect for salads, kabobs, or pickling. Can be used as an early small bulb scallion or cipollini. Best for fresh use, only short storage. Short day (early season). 75 days.
  800mg package ( about 200 seeds ) $2.25
TRM566 Piatta di Bergamo ( Cipollini )
With beautiful red-pink shading, Bergamo is a terrific little red pickler, and suitable for short fresh storage. The small flat bulbs are real show-stoppers. Long to intermediate Day. 100 days.
  2g package ( several hundred seeds ) $2.25
TRM825 Heshiko Japanese Onion
This Japanese bunching onion or scallion, produce tender leaves with white 12-14" stalks. The onion has delicious, white, pungent flesh. This variety will over-winter. 75 days.
  300g package ( about a hundred seeds ) $2.75
TRM826 Kyoto Kujo Negi Japanese Splitting Stalk Onion
This non-bulbing Japanese green onion. Kyoto Kuji Negi, is one of the Kyo-yasai, traditional vegetables, in Kyoto, Japan. It has been a part of that cuisine since the Edo period of the early 1800s. The tender leaf tapers to a height of 24", modulating in color from white to light green then dark green. It is has a nice mild flavor. 80 days.
  250g package ( about a hundred seeds ) $2.75
TRM771 Exhibition
This is a delightful, very large, sweet, Spanish-type onion, with a beautiful golden-straw colored tunic. True to its name, this onion is often grown for its potentially huge size, and is considered to be a more consistent performer than Kelsae or Ailsa Craig (for both of which it is the parent strain).
Although its 'competition' size attracts many to grow it, the extra sweet, mild flavor keeps folks coming back for more. Best for fresh use, not a good storage onion due to its sweetness.
A bit earlier than other Spanish types, and tolerates cool weather well. Long to Intermediate day. The coloring of the seed identifies this as the original strain imported from the Netherlands.
  250mg package ( about 50-60 seeds ) $2.95
NB18 Hardy White Bunching
70 days. An improved strain of Japanese Bunching (He shi ko). A hardy, non bulbing type, long, slim pure white stems. For summer crops or wintering over the following spring.
  2.5g Pack ( about 200 seeds ) $1.95
TRJ003 Piatta D'italia Italian Red
Large flat-bulb variety of Italian onion, tender flesh, red-violet color. If you're looking for classic red Italian onion flavor, this is it. Not a great 'keeper', but fabulous for fresh use on salads, sandwiches, and more. Intermediate day-length. 105 days.
  2.15g Pack ( several hundred seeds ) $2.95
TRJ004 Rossa Lunga Di Firenze
A Florentine onion with excellent flavor. Distinctive long red Italian onion well-known as the 'Italian Torpedo', not to be confused with the top-shaped tropeana. Mild sweet taste and beautiful. Short to Intermediate Day. 80 days.
  2g Pack ( several hundred seeds ) $2.95
TRJ005 Bianco Di Magio
Excellent Italian cipollini with solid white flesh and sweet, mild flavor. Classic white cipollini, can also be grown out to a small early season onion. Short to Intermediate day. 80 days.
  2g Pack ( several hundred seeds ) $2.95
1A355 White Bermuda
95 days. An enduring heirloom variety that established Texas as an onion-growing powerhouse. Originally cultivated in Bermuda in the late 1800's, these flattened, satiny white, sweet globes mature quickly, provide delectable green onions and keep well. Perfect for pickling or cocktails. Also great in stews and soups. Pick when onions are 1" to 3" in diameter.
  2g Pack ( over 200 seeds ) $2.25
W200 Redbeard Japanese White Bunching
Red beard is a unique bunching onion with red stalk, 12 cm long and 1.5 cm diameter, and green leaves. Plants grow to slightly more than 2 feet tall. Leaves and stalks are very tender and well flavored. This splitting fresh onion has become very popular in Japan and many Asian countries. Easy to grow and good variety for home gardening and fresh markets, 72 days. Easily grown in containers.
  500mg Pack ( over 100 seeds ) $2.25
RLP058 Ishikura Improved Japanese White Bunching
This is an improved version of Ishikura, one the most popular bunching onions in Japan. This typical single stalk variety can grow up to 2.5 ft. Long white stems are obtained by applying the earthing-up method during the growth. Plants adopted very well to various climates, suitable for spring to late fall crops. Deep green leaves are very attractive and white stems are very delicious.
  1g Pack ( over 200 seeds ) $2.25
IP061 Chianti F1 Hybrid Red ( Short Day )
A large size onion with a grano shape. Has an intense dark red skin and very mild taste. This onionís rings are crisp and wide with great interior color at maturity.
This is one of the sweetest red onions available. Excellent for salads, slicing, and cooking. Similar to the Red Grano type onions. A short day variety suitable for Southern regions. This onion variety has a high percentage of single centers. Moderate tolerance to Pink Root. 85 days.
  300mg ( about 100 seeds ) $2.25
TRM410 Pearl Drop
Small round snow white bulb, good top for bunching, great in Northern areas, 68 day.
  250mg Package ( about 75-100 seeds ) $2.25
TRM411 Long Red Florence
Mediterranean fresh eating type, 5" long torpedo shape, very mild, terrific fresh or grilled, 90 days.
  250mg Package ( about 75-100 seeds ) $2.25
VS340 Large White Spanish
Flesh is white, sweet, mild and tasty. Skin is glistening white with a thin skin. Good winter keeper that produces bulbs that average a pound or more.
  Pack $1.95
VS350 Large Yellow Spanish
An excellent onion that produces extra large bulbs that are sweet with a mild taste. Flesh is pure white. Skin is straw colored.

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IP062 Red Burgundy
Excellent slicing variety for salads or hamburgers and grilling. Red Burgundy onions produce large flattened globes 3 to 4 inches in diameter that are beautiful for slicing! Very mild and sweet flavor! Good for short term storage. This is a short day variety that matures in 95 to 165 days depending upon planting time, location and climate. Average water needs. Water regularly, but don't over water. Resistant to Botrytis and Pink Rot.
 900mg ( about 250 seeds ) Pack $2.25
VS330 Vidalia ( Short Day Type )
Large bulbed with thick flat globe shape. Excellent producer that is attractive and uniform. Used in Georgia to make the famous Vidalia onion.
F1 Short day, high yield, jumbo, dark brown, mild taste, resists pink root and fusarium, 160 days.
 200mg ( about 50 seeds ) Pack $2.25
JF254 Deep Purple Scallion
Purple red buncher, long, slender, mild spicy flavor, sow spring or summer, 60 days.
 300mg ( about 50 seeds ) Pack $2.25
JF255 Red Goddess
F1, Reddish purple bunching type, novel color, good cold tolerance.
 300mg ( about 50 seeds ) Pack $2.25
3315 Ailsa Craig Giant Exhibition
Giant show quality 2-5 pound onions! Globe Kelsae type, golden color skin, firm white flesh, sweet, 110 days. Grow them to impress your neighbors and win competitions, but also be sure to enjoy their wonderful flavor!
 50mg ( about 20 seeds per pack ) $2.50
NB16 Southport White Globe Bunching
65 days. Used exclusively for the production of green bunching onions that are mild and sweet.
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