Our list of Ornamental Corns/Grains from around the World

Ornamental Wheat

TST091 Black Knight Wheat( Triticum Aestivum )
This wheat has the largest seed heads we have ever seen on an ornamental wheat, about twice the size as normal wheat.
This ornamental wheat grows approximately 3 feet tall with black seed heads, awns, and spikelets.
Heritage winter wheat for floral, decorative, weaving, and craft use. Use for specialty cuts and cornucopia.
  4.8g pack contains about 40-50 seeds $3.95
AW50 Black Tip Wheat ( Triticum spp.)
Wonderful white plumes, long narrow black awns, appealing addition to bouquets. Good for any type arrangement or as filler material. Grows about 30" tall.
  3g pack contains about 50-60 seeds $2.95
AW44 Red Winter Wheat( Triticum spp.)
Red Winter Wheat is usually planted in the fall, but can be started in early spring for filler material, and is a very versitile grain primarily used as a whole grain or whole wheat flour. It has a reddish brown color and bullet shaped appearance and reddish awns. Excellent filler material that is durable. Grows about 30" tall.
  10g pack contains about 200 or more seeds $2.25
ABL07 Egyptian Wheat
An old Heirloom grain that has been grown for thousands of years. Makes outstanding dry material for arrangements. It is an ancient relative of our modern Durum wheat that we eat every-day. This particular wheat variety is less bitter than many other types making it very useful in baking bread.
  $2.95 per 20 gram pack.

Ornamental Oats

TRLJ009 Monida Oats ( Avena sativa )
Monida oats were developed cooperatively by the USDA - ARS and the Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington Agrecultural Experiment Stations, and was released in 1985.
Monida has a bit more foliage than standard oats, making them more attractive for filler material.
  12g pack contains about 500 seeds $2.25

Ornamental Barley

TST112 Thoroughbred Barley ( Hordeum vulgare )
Widely adapted variety of barley grows about anywhere, excellent dry material for boquets.
High yielding, good standing six-rowed barley. Great straw strength and a high test weight. It is resistant to powdery mildew and barley yellow dwarf virus. Plant in spring or summer.
  Each 20g pack contains around two hundred or so seeds $2.95


AW49 Black Amber Sorghum
This heirloom is one of the earliest molasses sorghums known. 6-8' stalks bear shiny black seeds and make fine brooms. A good intercrop for pole beans and peas.
One of the earliest sweet canes introduced to American agriculture. Milky sweet, used primarily as a syrup sorghum. Can also be used as a silage crop. 99 days.
  2g pack ( about 125 seeds ) $2.95
TPF220 Sugar Drip Sorghum
One of the earliest-maturing varieties for the South, and one of the most widely grown varieties in the southern mountains. Grows 6-8 feet tall, susceptible to lodging if not harvested early. Used for early production of very good quality syrup. 102 days.
  3g pack ( about 175 seeds ) $2.95
TPF221 Iowa Sweet Sorghum
A very sweet sugar cane type, about 9 ft. tall with juicy stalks. Preserved for years at Sand Hill Preservation Center. 125 days.
  3g pack ( about 175 seeds ) $2.95
TPF222 Sand Mountain Sorghum
An heirloom variety from Alabama. Makes excellent syrup, and the seeds can be ground to make pancake floor. Seeds are plump and starchy, and canes are juicy and slightly sweet.
Strong stalks grow to 8-11 feet. This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States. 105 days.
  3g pack ( about 175 seeds ) $2.95
TPF208 Sugar Cane ( Sorghum Variety, Rox Orange )
Not to be confused with sugar cane grass grown in Florida ( Saccharum ) for sugar production.
Rox Orange, or Waconia, is a medium-early maturing variety that was developed for syrup production by the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. It has also been grown for silage in the Upper Midwest. Rox orange is a great variety of sorghum for making a delicious syrup.
The "sugar" refers to the sweet variety of this cane compared to types grown only for forage. Grow this old time sorghum favorite for forage or syrup, pieces of mature cane heart can be chewed like candy. Seeds can even be popped like popcorn. Grow same culture as corn, but prefers well drained sandy loam. Grows to 8 ft. tall and matures in about 110 days.
Can be cut for silage after 70-80 days, or be used for livestock grain if left to full maturity. Best adapted to well drained loam. Will mature in any area with a long enough growing season for corn.
  ( about 200 seeds per pack)$2.95
3447 Red Head Sorghum ( Broomcorn )
Red head, for fresh or dry fall decorations, hand-tied brooms, crafts. Grows about 5 feet tall.
  750mg pack ( about 40 seeds per pack) $2.25
AW48 Topper 76-6
This is the sorghum used to make molasses for those delicious cookies and breakfast biscuits! Matures in 120 days. Will mature in any area with a long enough growing season for corn. Grows about 10 feet tall. Seed heads can be used in birdfood blends.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  4g pack ( about 175 seeds per pack) $2.25
2560 Colored Uprights Sorghum ( Sorghum bicolor )
Create classy fall decorations. Also makes an impressive backdrop for sunflower plantings. Perfect for fall wreaths. Appealing mix of red, gold, black and burgundy with every shade in-between. Drought tolerant. Ht. 100-115". Cannot ship to IA, IN, OH
  Each pack contains 25-35 seeds $2.15

Ornamental Corn

TST127 Pink Passion
A wonderful way to add pink to your fall decorations! Vivid Pink that holds it's color, husks are a high percentage of manly red to purple. Ears averaged 3-6 inches. Stalks 6-8' tall and stand well. 105 days.
 3.5g pack ( about 40-50 seeds ) $2.95
TST128 Emerald Green Mini
Unique color great for fall decor. Beautiful 3 to 4 inch ears. Stalks are 6 to 8 feet tall with a high percentage being red. 100 days.
 3.5g pack ( about 50 seeds ) $2.95
TST129 Cranberry Autumn
Strong stalks produce dazzling cranberry-colored dent kernals with a splash of blue and cream throughout the unusual colored ears. 7 to 8 inch ears. 105 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 10g pack ( about 40 seeds ) $2.95
TST130 Blazing Prairie Hybrid
The husks and stalks will be largely reddish in color. Predominantly yellow kernels with some blues and purples mixed with red mottled tips. Very showy for decoration or shocks. 10 inch ears. 105 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 10g pack ( about 30 seeds ) $2.95
3473 Japonica Striped Maize
Stunning as an ornamental plant. This is an heirloom from Japan which was first listed in the 1890's as Striped-Leafed Japanese Maize. The unusual variegated leaves are striped with green, white, yellow, and pink. The tassels are dark purple and the kernels are burgundy red. The colors develop best when the plants are widely spaced 12-18 inches apart.
Growing 4-6 feet tall, this beauty has deep purple, almost black popcorn kernels. It makes a magnificent and edible Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration. The multi-colored, striped plants can be grown in containers and are especially striking when paired with brightly colored petunias or sweet potato vines. The leaves are hot pink, green, yellow and white. Each plant is uniquely colored. 85 days after planting, purple tassels appear followed by burgundy ears of corn.
  10 seeds $2.95
TST093 Mini Indian Mix
Perfect corn for fall decorations. Nice range of light and dark colors. Small 4-5”ears. 102 days.
 4.5g pack ( about 60 seeds ) $2.95
TRLJ006 Floriani Red Flint
100 days. A family heirloom from the Valsugana valley of Italy near Trento, via William Rubel. Originally brought to Italy from America, it evolved over hundreds of years to become the staple polenta corn of the valley. Beautiful medium to deep red kernels are slightly pointed. Cornmeal has a pink cast, and makes a polenta with a remarkably rich, complex flavor. Plants grow 7-10 ft. tall.
  8g pack of about 40 seeds $2.75
VUD004 Gorgeous Indian
107 days - F1 hybrid Extra long 9 in/22 cm ears with glossy flint kernels in breathtakingly beautiful colors. Sturdy plants are wind tolerant and produce very high yields of large, uniform ears. Isolate from other corns.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  22g pack, about 50 seeds. $3.95 per pack
VUD006 Fiesta
92 days. Matures 8 to 10 days earlier than most strains of Calico Indian corn. Ears average 8 1/2 in./21 cm in length with 50% purple husks. Shorter plants have some wind tolerance. Multicolored ears.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  22g pack, about 50 seeds. $3.95 per pack
1A141 Sweet Rainbow Indian
This unique Indian corn has various tones of blue, red, yellow and white. This is earlier than other Flint corn and averages 7 to 10 inch ears with 50 to 70 percent purple husks. 101 days.
  10g pack ( about 35-40 seeds ) $2.50
TST124 Rainbow Mini
Beautiful mini ears 3 to 6 inches long. Produces nice percentage of red husks in this blend. Wide variety of kernel colors on the ear, including many pastels. Stalks are 6-8' tall and stand well. 100 days.
  3.5 pack ( about 50 seeds ) $2.50
TST115 Red Stalker
A beautiful ornamental corn that bears bright red ears of corn on bright red corn stalks. The whole plant can be used for decorations. Can be ground into a delicious cornmeal.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 11g pack ( about 35 seeds ) $2.75
TRM553 Wintergreen
Ornamental corn for containers, variegated leaves appear on plants grown outdoors, colorful cobs. Grows about 24" tall.
  10 seeds. $3.95
1A043 Hopi Blue Ornamental Corn
A native style, excellent for grinding meal. The real Indian corn from American Hopi Indians. 100 days. 8-10 inch ears with dark bluish kernels.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 3.2g Package ( about 25 seeds ) $1.95

Ornamental Popcorn

TST114 Shades of Brown
Nice mixture of miniatures. Kernels vary in color from light oyster to dark brown. Sweet and white when popped. 100 days.
  3.5g pack of about 40 seeds $2.75
Z2806 Miniature Colored Popcorn
6-7' plants yield 2-3 adorable, multi-colored ears averaging 3-4" each. Space seeds 4-5" apart for denser stands and smaller ears. Also suitable for popping.
  $1.95 per 4g pack ( about 50-60 seeds )
1A044 Mini Blue Ornamental Popcorn
A very attractive mini size popcorn that is blue in color. Ears are 4-6" long. Excellent popcorn. 25-30 seeds per pack.
  $1.95 per pack
1A317 Cutie Pops Popcorn
100 days. Multicolored miniature popcorn. Use as a 4 in./10 cm Indian corn for dried bouquets or harvest tiny rainbow colored seeds for miniature popcorn.
  14g pack, about 100 seeds. $3.95 per pack
VL373 Strawberry Popcorn
Tiny 2" ears of deep maroon popcorn. A must for flavor and ornamental appeal. 25 seeds per pack.
$1.95 per 1.5g pack ( about 20-25 seeds )
TPF204 Robust 997 F1 Hybrid Popcorn
7-8" ears on 8-9' plants with glossy, deep yellow kernels. Its high (45:1) expansion ratio makes it an extremely tender popcorn. Ears may also be used for fall decorating. The best variety for corn shoots.
  $2.25 per 12g pack ( about 100 seeds )

Ornamental Broomcorn

3012 Primero Mix Broomcorn
Mix of many fall colors, perfect for fresh or dry fall decorations, hand-tied brooms, crafts. 25 seeds per pack.
  Package of 25 seeds $1.95
AT108 Broomcorn: Mixed Highlights
The best broomcorn selection we've seen that includes colors of red, natural, tan, cordevan and yellow.
Harvest when straw is still streaked with green and kernals are still soft to avoid heads shattering.
  Package of 125 seeds $2.50