Early Pea Seeds

Useful gardening information

Pea is a frost-hardy, cool-season vegetable that can be grown throughout most of the United States, wherever a cool season of sufficient duration exists. For gardening purposes, peas may be classified as garden peas (English peas), snap peas and snow peas (sugar peas). Garden pea varieties have smooth or wrinkled seeds. The smooth-seeded varieties tend to have more starch than the wrinkled-seeded varieties.
The wrinkled-seeded varieties are generally sweeter and usually preferred for home use. The smooth-seeded types are used more often to produce ripe seeds that are used like dry beans and to make split-pea soup. Snap peas have been developed from garden peas to have low-fiber pods that can be snapped and eaten along with the immature peas inside. Snow peas are meant to be harvested as flat, tender pods before the peas inside develop at all. The Southern pea (cowpea) is an entirely different warm-season vegetable that is planted and grown in the same manner as beans.

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TST029 Tall Telephone Climbing Pea
An old heirloom variety with delicious early peas dating back to 1890. A main crop garden pea. It does require support as it will climb to about six feet in height. The pods are large (up to four inches), maturing five to nine peas each. Very productive and good for fresh eating or freezing. 75 days.
  18g pack ( about 75 seeds ) $2.95
TST048 Karina Pea
Karina is a fine semi-bush type (18-24" tall), but will produce heavily over a longer period than most bush peas. Also shows better heat tolerance. Great fresh or frozen, nicely sweet. 60 days.
  10g pack ( about 100 seeds ) $2.95
VUD029 Early Frosty
64days. Frosty produces a prolific yield of tightly packed 3.5" pods with medium-size peas. A distinct improvement over Little Marvel because of uniformity and higher number of peas per pod. It has a greater number of pods per plant as well. Plants are about 28" tall and have many double pods resulting in almost twice the yield of Little Marvel. Uniform dark green shelled peas are tender and sweet, both for fresh and frozen uses. The best early peas for home garden planting.
  $2.15 per 40g pack ( enough to plant about 15 ft. of row )
TST028 Golden Sweet
New! Yellow-podded snow pea. Attractive yellow pods have best flavor when 3-3 1/2". Larger pods will become slightly bitter and develop a small string. Big, 5-6', vines need to be trellised. Long harvest window. Attractive purple flowers. 61 days.
  $2.95 per 9g pack ( about 50 seeds )
Little Marvel
62 days. A heavy yielder. Vines about 15 inches tall, sturdy, dark green with heavy foliage. Seed medium green, about 1800 per pound. The peas are dark green, round, tender, sweet and fine flavor. Unsurpassed by any others in its class. Good for freezing and canning.

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1A003 Giant Snow Peas
A very sweet Snow Pea for stir-frying that produces giant 4½ x 1" flat pods. Allow pods to fill out for delicious early peas.
 18g Package ( about 100 seeds ) $2.50