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Oenothera Seed ( Perennial )

TPF099 Pale Evening Primrose ( Oenothera pallida )
White trumpet blooms on spreading plants. Sweet scented. Perennial
  $2.50  Per 75mg Pack ( about 100 seeds )
FS490 Pink Evening Primrose ( Oenothera )
A lovely border plant growing to 12" with silky, rose colored blooms that deepen to a -yellow center. Highly fragrant.
Color: Rose   Zone: 5 and up   Spacing:close   Height:12"   Start Seeds: Anytime of year inside, for transplanting outside in Spring.
  Package of 20 seeds $1.95
RHC488 Lemon Sunset ( Oenothera odorata )
Large yellow cups, mid green leaf, grows 18" tall, hardy to zone 4.
  Package of 250 seeds $8.95
RHC489 Glowing Magenta ( Oenothera kunthiana )
Compact mounding, deep green leaf, 1½" deep pink flowers, blooms first year , grows 6" tall, hardy to zone 5.
  Package of 250 seeds $8.95
RHC723 Missouri Sundrops ( Oenothera missouriensis )
Large 5" lemon yellow flowers, spreading, drought tolerant, bloom all summer evenings, grows 12" tall, hardy to zone 4.
  $10.95 Per Pack of 500 Seeds