Potato Seeds

1A347 Zolushka Potato ( Seeds )
Yes, you really can grow potatoes from seed. This white potato is firm, smooth, and delicious.
Huge savings over tuber-grown potatoes, it takes a little longer that growing from potato eyes, but well the effort.
110 days from setting out transplants. Grow potatoes far more economically with Zolushka, a splendid white frying variety from seed. Great disease resistance means big yields, and these firm oval potatoes and produce wonderful potatoes for chips and fries.
These potatoes are smooth, with very shallow eyes and white flesh within pale tan skin. They reach 3 to 4 inches in diameter, and arise on compact plants that demonstrate terrific disease resistance, particularly to late blight. The yields are huge and the quality superb with Zolushka.
This plant is almost as attractive to look at as the roots are delicious to eat! Zolushka offers pointed, slightly glossy leaves (good sun protection for the potatoes)topped with numerous large, white blooms in late spring. It spreads quickly and sets very good crops of top-quality frying potatoes. Harvest them when the plant begins to flower if you want tender "new" potatoes; for full-sized fruits, harvest anytime after flowering until the foliage begins to yellow and die.
Growing potatoes from seed takes a little longer, but the savings in money and space are well worth it! Start the seeds indoors and transplant when the soil warms up. Potatoes need loose, sandy, rich soil and consistent moisture, especially once the tubers begin to grow. We offer pellted seeds for easy handling and good germination and ship our seeds in a protective plastic vial to insure seeds are not damaged during shipping.
  200mg pack ( about 40-50 pelleted seeds ) $4.95