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Radish is a cool-season, fast-maturing, easy-to-grow vegetable. Garden radishes can be grown wherever there is sun and moist, fertile soil, even on the smallest city lot. Early varieties usually grow best in the cool days of early spring, but some later-maturing varieties can be planted for summer use. The variety French Breakfast holds up and grows better than most early types in summer heat if water is supplied regularly. Additional sowings of spring types can begin in late summer, to mature in the cooler, more moist days of fall.
Winter radishes are sown in midsummer to late summer, much as fall turnips. They are slower to develop than spring radishes; and they grow considerably larger, remain crisp longer, are usually more pungent and hold in the ground or store longer than spring varieties.

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FB132 Easter Egg Radish
A mixture of red, purple and white radishes often harvested when marble size for salads, that are crisp and mild, even when mature. Adds color and zest to salads.
 3g Package ( about 200 seeds ) $1.95
3620 Wasabi Radish
New to North America, this Japanese heirloom is a medium sized, oblong daikon type. The wasabi-green skin and flesh is crisp and succulent, with a strong heat reminiscent of the much loved Japanese horseradish paste.
The flavor is sharp and tear-inducing for lovers of spice. Wasabi radish seeds also make excellent micro-greens, with the spiciness developing early on in its tiny leaves.
 725mg Package ( about 100 seeds ) $2.95
W186 Plum Purple Radish
Unique deep purple round roots. Firm white flesh is sweet and mild all season long and never pithy. Hardy and adaptable. Exceptional variety for the novelty market and also for the home gardener. 25-30 days.
 2g Package ( about 200 seeds ) $2.25
W187 Pink Beauty Radish
Pastel pink, round radish. Uniform roots with medium tops. Nice, tender, crisp texture and taste. An eye-catching, top-quality radish. Resists pithiness. 25-30 days.
 2g Package ( about 200 seeds ) $2.25
TRM497 Green Luobo Chinese Radish
Green Luobo is a rare Chinese heirloom that is tender, crisp and mild and sweet. Prefers fall production as it may bolt in hot weather or not produce at all.
Under proper conditions, it is very high yielding, producing 6" inch roots most popularly used for soups in Northern China, but can also be used for pickling and salads. It is also a good fresh eating radish with a spicy taste. 62 days.
 1.25g pack ( over 100 seeds ) $2.95
TRM488 Bora King F1
Uniform and delicious purple roots. Bora King's attractive purple roots are quite uniform and avg. 8-9" long by 2½-3" with good, sweet, eating quality. Internal color ranges from pale purple to white with purple streaks. Suitable for spring and summer sowings.
Note: This variety contains 5-10% white-rooted off-types. 50 days.
 3.1g pack ( over 200 seeds ) $3.95
TRM489 Summer Cross No. 3 F1
For late summer and fall.
Endorsed by critical growers and markets as the choice Japanese style variety for mid and late summer harvest. Uniform, long, tapered white roots average 16" by 2 1/2".
Late spring and summer sowing. 55 days.
 2.5g pack ( over 150 seeds ) $3.95
TST101 Round Black Spanish
Black radishes have been grown and savored in Europe since the 1500s. With handsome black skins, the large 3-4" turnip-shaped globes have crisp, pungent, spicy pure-white flesh.
A winter variety valued for its strong medicinal properties, ease of growth, and long storage.Fine, fairly hot flavor, good raw or cooked. 50 days.
 3.2g pack ( over 200 seeds ) $2.75
TCB006 German Beer Radish
The authentic 'Muncher Bier' radish. A favorite snack radish in Germany. Crisp white flesh, oval shaped radishes are highly prized. An heirloom from the Bavarian region of Germany. Our most requested winter radish.
 10g Package ( about 800 seeds ) $2.45
TCB020 Rat Tailed
This heirloom radish was grown in the 1860's and originally came from Asia. The amazing edible-podded radish, this variety produces loads of tender, large seed pods that add a delicious flavor to salads and stir-fries, also superb pickled.
Unlike the more familiar radish, which is grown for its roots, the rat's tail radish is harvested for its crunchy pods. The pods resemble chillies, but taste like a young rooted radish. Rat's tail radishes are quick to mature - you can expect to harvest your crop within six weeks.
 3.42g Package ( about 300 seeds ) $2.95
W188 German Giant Radish
If you are looking for volume and falvor, German Giant is a very nice radish to grow in your garden. It is larger than other spring radishes without getting woody or spongy. Can be harvested anywhere from marble to baseball size. Bright pink/red skin, crisp white flesh with a distinct sweet flavor followed with a nicely pungent kick.
29 days.
3.2g pack $2.25