Rudbeckia ( Black-Eyed Susan ) Seeds

Rudbeckias have become one of our most popular garden plants in recent years. And it's not surprising as the bushy plants produce masses of colourful flowers with a long flowering period from July to October.
They are characterised by their colourful daisy-like flowers surrounding a prominent conical disk.
Rudbeckias can be annuals, biennials or herbaceous perennials, the annuals grown as half-hardy annuals, sown indoors in warmth. The annual varieties may survive from year to year if left in the garden, but flowering may be reduced in subsequent years.
Although yellow is the prominent colour, in recent years numerous red- and orange-flowered varieties have been produced.
Useful gardening information
Hardiness will vary with species and not all Rudbeckia are perennial plants. Those that are generally are reliable in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 - 9.

You will get the best flowering from your plants in full sun, but the plants can handle partial shade.
Rudbeckia plants start blooming in mid-summer and can repeat bloom into fall. Seed started perennials can bloom the first year if started early enough.
They are not particular about soil but do best in soil that is not too rich, with well-draining conditions.
Start seed about 6-8 weeks before last expected frost. Perennial varieties will germinate best if the pots are kept in the refrigerator or similarly cold place for 4 weeks after seeding. Then move them back to a warm spot about 70°F to 72°F until seeds actually germinate.
Rudbeckia are easy to establish, naturalize well, and require little maintenance other than deadheading.
Keep plants well watered the first season, to get them established. Once established, the will be quite drought resistant.

IP114 Common Black-Eyed Susan ( Rudbeckia hirta )
One of the most common flowers throughout America, this variety is perfect for cutflowers, as it has a vase life up to 10 days. Characteristic brown, domed center surrounded by yellow ray florets. Good for all flower gardens, grows to 2-3 ft. tall. Annual/Tender Perennial.
  25mg pack ( over 100 seeds ) $1.95
2716 Autumn Colors ( Rudbeckia hirta )
Fleuroselect, large 5" flowers splashed with red, bronze, yellow, makes a vivid display, grows 24" tall, hardy to zone 5.
  20mg Package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.15
TRN716 Cherry Brandy ( Rudbeckia hirta )
A stunning introduction in shades of luscious cherry-red, ranging from bright solids to subtle bicolors with deep red centers.
Creates plenty of drama without overpowering companion plantings and cut flower arrangements. Plants are heat tolerant and prolific, producing masses of color from late June until early frost.
Will flower at 12" when grown in pots, but becomes truly statuesque in the garden.
  18mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.95
TRN717 Indian Summer ( Rudbeckia hirta )
AAS Winner. These large, golden-yellow, single or semidouble blooms make excellent cut flowers. Plants have an upright, bushy habit and spread 12-18". Performs best in full sun. Height: 36-42" Spread: 12-18"
  17mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.95
2723 Gloriosa Double Daisy ( Rudbeckia gloriosa )
Fully double 5-6" golden yellow daisies, brown center, grows 30" tall, hardy to zone 6.
 15mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.15
2724 Goldilocks ( Rudbeckia hirta )
4" double flowers, orange with dark eye, drought and heat tolerant landscape plant, grows 24" tall, hardy to zone 5.
  Package of 20 seeds $2.15
2725 Goldstrum ( Rudbeckia fulgida)
1998 Perennial Plant of the year, vigorous, long blooming, yellow with brown centers,summer to fall, grows 18" tall, hardy to zone 3
  Package of 20 seeds $2.15
2727 Indian Summer ( Rudbeckia hirta )
AAS, huge 8" light yellow flowers, single and double, summer long, garden or cut, easy, blooms first year, grows 36" tall, hardy to zone 5.
  10mg Package ( about 20 seeds )$2.15
2728 Irish Eyes ( Rudbeckia gloriosa )
Large single golden daisies with emerald green eyes, grows 24" tall, hardy to zone 6.
  20mg Package of ( about 20-25 ) seeds $2.15
2730 Marmelade ( Rudbeckia hirta )
Golden orange single 4" coneflowers, brown center, grows 24" tall, hardy to zone 5.
  Package of 20 seeds $2.15
TRN574 Toto Rustic ( Rudbeckia hirta )
Toto Series feature abundance of large 3" flowers, strong well branched stems, ideal for 5-6" pots and bedding, growing only 10" tall, hardy to zone 5
 20mg ( about 25 seeds ) $2.45
2737 Toto Gold ( Rudbeckia hirta )
Toto Series feature abundance of large 3" flowers, strong well branched stems, ideal for 5-6" pots and bedding, growing only 10" tall, hardy to zone 5
  20mg Package ( about 40 seeds ) $2.75

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