Scabiosa ( Pin Cushion Flower ) Seeds

Looking for a new addition to the flower garden? Try scabiosa, also known as pincushion flower. This easy-care plant works well nearly anywhere and its interesting flowers are a stunning sight to behold. They are especially attractive to butterflies.
This plant is suitable for bed and border plantings or in containers. The long stems and flowering season also makes it ideal for use in cutting gardens.
Useful gardening information
Their overall care is minimal, with exception to watering during unusually dry conditions, as rainfall is normally adequate in meeting their needs. Water once a week when there is no rain and twice a week during drought-like conditions.
With adequate growing conditions and soil, pincushion flowers require little, if any, fertilizer.
Caring for pincushion plants does involve some upkeep, however. Deadheading spent blooms is necessary to keep the plants flowering and also improves their appearance. Pruning can be performed as well, especially with perennial plantings. Cuts should be made just above a leaf joint, or the stems can be cut back to the bottom leaves in fall.

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FA35 Black Knight ( Pincushion Flower )
Scabiosa atropurpurea. Deepest maroon, almost black blooms.
Compact, uniform flowers stand tall on strong, slender stems. A dramatic addition to any bouquet or garden. Ht. 24-36". Annual, a wonderful cutflower.
  Package of 25 seeds $2.95
IP180 QIS Mix ( Pincushion Flower )
Large 2" pincushion flowers are produced on long stems in an attractive mixture of hues. Use this variety in mixed bouquets for additional color and texture. Height: 28-31", 18-20" spread.
 75mg pack ( about 30 seeds ) $1.95

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