Vegetable Seeds for growing your own Stir Fry Ingredients
W201 Tiger Ear Garland Chrysantheum ( Chrysanthemum coronarium )
Tiger Ear is a variety native to Taiwan. Large and soft young leaves have relatively stronger aroma flavor than other varieties. This vegetable is very popular in Taiwanese stir-fry and soup cooking. Plants grow best in slightly cool climate, suitabe for spring and fall crops. Fast growing plants can be harvested at any growing stage.
  750 pack ( about 200 seeds ) $2.45
1A119 Common Foo Gwa
(Momordica charantia) Tasty mild bitter fruit gives delicious flavor to stir-fries and Oriental dishes. 5”-8" white-green colored bumpy fruit turn a beautiful deep orange. When overripe they pop open. The seeds are covered in a good amount of bright red jell, that tastes like cherry candy. Ornamental vines give good yields. They thrive in hot weather and are not bothered by insects or wilt. Aka Balsam pear, it has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Can be hard to germinate.
  5 seeds $1.95
W211 Small Baby
(Momordica charantia) This is a unique bitter melon, very popular in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Small fruits in size of 40-60 grams are ideal choice for stuffed food and gourmet cuisine uses. Plants grow vigorously in warm climates and are very productive.
  5 seeds $2.95
RGS154 Asia Short Hybrid Bottle Gourd ( Lagenaria siceraria )
This hybrid variety is a vigorous plant with prolific bearing harbit, producing fruits continuously for a long time. Relatively short cylindrical fruits with 25-30 length and 300-350 grams in weight are very tender and delicious. Light green skin with white flesh fruits with slow seed maturity are excellent for soup and stir-fry cooking uses. Plants grow vigorously in warm climates, starting to set fruits in 45 days after the transplanting. Easy to grow.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95
TRM510 Lattoo Hybrid Gourd ( Lagenaria siceraria )
Lattoo is a new hybrid variety that produces fruits with green skin and white flesh, 500-600 grams in weight. Plants are vigorous and fast growing, starting to bear fruits 50-55 days after sowing. Fruits are very tender, excellent for stir-fry and soup cooking. Very easy to grow and very productive.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95

1A003 Giant Snow Peas
A very sweet Snow Pea for stir-frying that produces giant 4½ x 1" flat pods.
 18g Package ( about 100 seeds ) $2.50
NB22 Komatsuna Japanese Mustard Spinach
Brassica rapa var. perviridis 35 days. All season Japanese Green. Easy to grow. Mild, tender greens for salads, stir-fry. Uniform upright plants with slender, tasty, cylindrical green stems and dark green, round leaves. Disease tolerant.
 0.6g Pack ( 150+ seeds ) $2.25
3441 Hon-Tsai Tai Chinese Vegetable
This vegetable has deep purple leaf and flower stalks and dark green leaves. The plant grows vigorously and produces lots of flower buds for vegetable use. Young stalks and flowers are very tender, excellent for stir-fry. This vegetable is tolerant at low temperature and the purple color intensifies as the temperature decreases.
 700mg Pack ( 200+ seeds ) $2.50
NB26 Tsoi Sim Chinese Vegetable
Brassica juncea var. multisecta 40 days. Chinese green. Harvest young stalks with a few flower buds like Italian rapine or rappa. Sow in early summer. Use in soups or for stir-fry, salads, etc. Excellent flavor, very tender. Similar in culture and use as Hon Tsai Tai.
 800mg Pack ( 150+ seeds ) $2.25
NW12 Green Seoul Chinese Cabbage
A Korean version of the popular loose leafed cabbage used in Chinese cooking. This Cabbage is good for stir frys and Kimchee pickling. A fast grower that can be container grown.
  80mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $1.50
TRN345 Mei Qing Choi Hybrid Cabbage
Excellent for strfry. Popular miniature-green stem Pak Choi. Vigorous growth with uniform maturity. Good tolerance to both heat and cold and very bolt resistant. 43 days.
 500mg package ( about 250 seeds per pack ) $2.95
Click here for growing intructions for Choi.
NW14 Chinese Mizuna
An essential salad mix ingredient. Unique mustard green of Japanese origin. Mizuna produces dozens of pencil thin white stalks with deeply cut, fringed leaves. Mild flavor. Continues to produce for several weeks from one planting as a cut and come again product.
A vigorous leafy vegetable used in stir frys, pickling and salads. Can be grown year round. The more you cut and harvest off this juicy, well flavored vegetable the more it produces.
 1.12g Package ( a few hundred seeds ) $1.95
NW04 Japanese Bunching Onion
This evergreen variety of bunching onion is the one most often used in stir frys. The plants produce perennially and are winter hardy. You should start seeds 4-8 weeks inside before transplanting in garden.
  Package of 25 seeds $1.95
Corn 1A085 Sweet Baby Corn
Remarkably sweet, small kerneled ears. Timing is critical when picking baby corn, pick just before or just as silking begins to emerg to encourage production of new ears. If not picked when young, ears will grow to full size, delicous sweet corn.
  $3.95 per pack ( over a hundred seeds per pack )
TRM512 Orient Wonder Oriental Cooking Pepper ( Sweet Oriental Cooking Pepper )
A new hybrid sweet pepper introduced recently in Asia. Fruits are in light green color with gloassy and smooth skin, 20-30 grams in weight, 3.5 cm x 9 cm in dimension and taper in shape. Thick flesh is sweet and delicious, excellent for salads and stir-fry. Plants are medium tall and are strong resistant to disease attacks. Easy to grow. 80 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
TRM511 Ten-Pu-La Oriental Cooking Pepper ( Oriental Cooking Pepper )
Ten-Pu-La, called in Chinese as "sweet but not hot", is a unique pepper widely used in Oriental cooking in Taiwan and Southern China. Fruits have thick meat and spicy, but not hot taste, which will bring out the tasty flavor in cooking uses. Plants are vigorous and spreading with many branches, bearing lots of high quality peppers. Long shape green peppers will turn red when reaching the maturity. Pick peppers at any growing stage for cooking uses. An excellent variety for the backyard growing and fresh markets.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
PEP064 Giant Aconcagua ( Sweet Pepper )
Flavor as sweet as apples! Gourmet chefs use them in salads, stir-fried, roasted and stuffed. Long fruits grow up to 11 inches and can weigh up to 12 ounces. Best flavor at light green stage. 70 days.
15 seeds $2.15
PEP377 Jingle Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
High yield, 1-1/2 x 1-1/2" small bells, green to red, for salad or stir fry or stuffed, holiday conversation item, 60 days.
10 seeds $2.95
PEP273 Miniature Chocolate Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
The perfect size and flavor for stir frying. An amazing little miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to chocolate brown. Produces in only 55 days.
Package of 10 seeds $2.50
PEP271 Miniature Red Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
The perfect size and flavor for stir frying. An amazing little miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to red. Produces in only 55 days.
Package of 15 seeds $2.50
PEP272 Miniature Yellow Bell ( Sweet Bell Pepper )
The perfect size and flavor for stir frying. An amazing little miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to yellow. Produces in only 55 days.
Package of 15 seeds $2.50