Strawberry Seeds

Useful gardening information

Select an area of your garden that receives full sunshine as this is one of the main ingredients for a sweet crop. They will grow in areas that are sunny most of the day, but really need full sun to develop to their fullest and sweetest potential. Once planted, strawberries will produce well for three to four years. So, select a location that will not be disturbed. While strawberries like lots of water, they need well drained soil. This is accomplished by creating raised rows. Add fertilizer and compost into the soil and elevate the rows a few inches above the garden soil level. This will allow those heavy spring rains to quench your plants' thirst, but drain away any excess water. Space rows three to four feet apart to allow room to walk and harvest between the rows.

Sowing Instructions

Easy to grow in containers, moisture must be maintained and plants should be fed once a week with soluble plant food when fruiting. Cover seeds lightly in warm soil. Keep soil moist until seeds germinate. Will germinate in 21-45 days.

Informative articles found on the web:

How to grow Strawberries
Easy Strawberry Recipes
NB76 Alexandria (Fragaria vesca)
Alpine strawberries from seed.
Day-neutral. These decorative little plants produce delicious, aromatic red strawberries, about twice the size of wild berries but much smaller than the standard type. Perennials, Alpine strawberries stay compact and produce few runners, making them suitable for rock gardens, path edgings, pots, and window boxes. They begin producing the second spring, sometimes the first fall. Grows best in zones 5-8. 100-120 days to bear fruit.
 20mg Package of about 40-50 seeds $2.45
SF074 One Time (Fragaria Ananassa)
Have you ever wanted a ground cover plant that produced berries? Well, look no farther than Fragaria ground cover grown from Strawberry seeds. Yes, Strawberry plants make a wonderful spreading ground cover and they have the additional benefit of producing delicious, edible fruit. These plants are quite easy to grow. They are perennial, winter hardy, and will thrive in full sunshine, as long as the soil is fertile and well-drained. Large, sweet berries with old time strawberry flavor.
 50mg Package of about 75 seeds $2.95
BM10 Strawberry Fresca
Flowers in 4 months, runnerless, medium size fruits all summer.
  Package of 20 seeds $2.95
FB145 Rugen Improved Strawberry
Alpine strawberry, red fruits, good basket plant
  20mg Package ( about 75 seeds ) $3.95
2704 Strawberry Temptation
Sweet deep red fruit, runnerless, great for patio pot or basket.
  20mg Package ( about 40-50 seeds ) $2.95
3475 Musk Strawberry ( Fragaria moschata )
This is the gourmet fruit with an intense aroma and said to have a taste of its own, likened to strawberries, raspberries and pineapple.
It can be found growing wild in parts of Europe but is not readily available in cultivation.
Fast-growing and withstanding most weather conditions, they make very good ground-cover plants.
The taste is so different than other strawberries that they have been nicknamed Bubblegum Berries by some. Here is an interesting article about Musk Strawberries we found on the web.
  27mg Package ( about 50-60 seeds ) $2.95
3438 White Soul Strawberry
Ongoing large white fruits, very sweet with pineapple overtone, runnerless, birds avoid it.
  14mg Package ( about 40-50 seeds ) $2.95
2705 Strawberry Mignonette
French wood type, vigorous, runnerless, many miniature 1" delicious fruits, fragrant white flowers, ideal for patio pot.
  Package of 20 seeds $2.95
3351 Fragissimo Vanilla
Starry white blooms, produces large juicy red fruit continuously, for fruit production or ornamental, fine in patio pot.
  25mg Package ( about 50 seeds ) $3.95
3311 Red Wonder
Large elongated red fruits, Alpine, sweet and aromatic, long season.
  1mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.25
3312 Yellow Wonder
Large elongated yellow fruits, Alpine, sweet and aromatic, best taste of all, long season, birds avoid it, giving better harvest.
  1mg Package ( about 20 seeds ) $2.25
JF388 Rainbow Treasure F1
Super eye-catcher in large pot or basket, red, white, and rose flowers with delicious sweet, scented fruits.
  1mg Package ( about 10 seeds ) $3.75

Indian Strawberry Seeds

SF140 Tuttifrutti Indian Strawberry ( Duchesnea indica )
This rare ground cover plant will get second looks! It's a Strawberry plant with lovely yellow blooms, and it produces small red Strawberries all summer long on a creeping evergreen carpet. Tuttifrutti is well-suited for hanging over a wall or as a ground cover plant.
Duchesnea Indica is naturalized throughout the United States, and it is found growing in shady places in woods and grassy slopes. Prefers a moist, but well-drained soil in a partially sunny position. Once plants are established, the matted root sends out runners to set new plants. Indian Strawberry leaves are light green and finely haired.
The small, yellow flowers are 5 petaled, and first appear in April and will bloom throughout the summer until fall. The fruit is small, about 1/2 inch round. It is edible, but many say the taste is un-noteworthy. Birds, however, love the red fruit. Grows about 5" tall. Hardy to zone 5.
 77mg pack ( about 250 seeds ) $2.95