Our Favorite Sweetpea ( Lathyrus )

One of the most romantic of all flowers is surely the sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus), with its frilly, butterfly-like blooms and heady fragrance, likened to honey and orange blossoms.

Relatively easy to grow, the main thing to remember is that sweet peas like cool weather, requiring about 50 days of temperatures under 60 degrees to bloom well. In cooler climates, sow seeds outdoors in early spring as soon as the soil is workable. Seedlings can withstand a touch of frost, so don't stress if the weather turns colder. Flowering will last from spring into summer, and even into fall in some regions. A thick layer of mulch will keep roots cool and extend the blooming as long as possible.

Another benefit of growing sweet peas is they make excellent, long-lasting cut flowers. A clutch of them in a small vase brings their heavenly scent and the romance of the cottage garden indoors. And by regularly cutting flowers from the plant, you'll be encouraging more blooms.

TRM907 Elegance Formula Mix ( Lathyrus odoratus )
Early and prolific. Developed for flowering under short days, low light conditions, and in cool greenhouses. Suitable for spring or midwinter production. Long stems bear 3-5 blooms in seven shades of red, four shades of pink, two shades of purple, as well as blue and white. Height 60-72".
  20 seeds per pack $2.65
TRM625 Knee High Mix ( Lathyrus odoratus )
Fragrant, dwarf type mix of all colors, bush habit, grows about 18" tall, blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  25 seeds per pack $2.65
TRM626 Incense Mix ( Lathyrus odoratus )
Although Sweet peas are considered an old-fashion garden favorite, their delicate fragrance and attractive habit appeal to gardeners of ALL ages! Incense Mix is aptly named because it is a selection of the most fragrant cutting varieties available. Like all Sweet Peas, it can be sown directly outdoors in early spring, well ahead of most flowering annuals. We suggest planting along fences to give the vines a foundation for climbing. Trellis and garden obelisks are also a popular means of displaying their beauty and fragrance. Sweet Peas also make a wonderful cut flower, and Incense Mix was selected with cutting in mind, so be sure to grow enough to enjoy both outdoor and in! Incense Mix is in the pastel range of the color wheel, with shades of pink, cream, white picotee, and lavender.
  25 seeds per pack $2.65
TRM627 Painted Lady ( Lathyrus odoratus )
Dating back to 1737, Painted Lady was the very first named sweet pea cultivar, the result of a natural color mutation from the original purple Italian species to a beautiful rose, pastel pink and cream bicolor. Heat tolerant and deliciously scented, Painted Lady begins flowering early on vigorous vines that stretch and grow as the season continues.
Bring the continuity of the centuries to your garden by growing these heavenly scented flowers, treasured in the cottage gardens of our great-grandmothers.
Thomas Jefferson grew this pink-white bicolor vine which has a very sweet aroma, grows about 48" tall and blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  10 seeds per pack $2.25
TRM628 Old Spice Mix ( Lathyrus odoratus )
An extremely heat resistant, intensely fragrant collection of Italian heirloom sweet pea varieties. For planting in summer or in warm climates, Old Spice is the best there is. Wide color range.
Grows about 48" tall and blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  10 seeds per pack $2.25
TRM629 Monster Mix ( Lathyrus odoratus )
It's hard to beat Monster Mix for garden for fragrant cutflowers, large flowers, long stems, fragrant vine, a must in the garden or vase!
Grows about 48" tall and blooms in 10 weeks from seed.
  25 seeds per pack $2.65
IM020 Blue Ripple ( Lathyrus odoratus )
Long slender stems with are graced with large wavy blooms of rippled blue on a white background.
  10 seeds per pack $2.15