Seedman's Grow Cups and Supplies
Now you can start your Tomato, Pepper and Vegetables just like the large commercial greenhouses do!

The Jiffy-Pots® feature bottom holes to promote excellent drainage and strong, vigorous root development. These 4” round by 3 3/4” high pots also feature a top rim to make destacking easier and are designed to fit 4” shuttle or carrying trays.

Made from all-natural sphagnum peat and wood pulp, Jiffy-Pots are completely biodegradable and may be transplanted directly into the ground or larger containers. The 4” round x 3 3/4” high size is ideal for tomatoes, peppers or other vegetable and flower bedding plants. These are large growing cups, allowing you to start the seeds and retain them in the cup until final planting, this is not true of many smaller grow cups.

For a seed starting medium, we use our PMIX02 Premium Concentrated Seed Starting Mix made from natural coir. You invest a lot thought into selecting your seed selections, why not give them the best possible conditions to start off life with? We start all of our seeds ( all of our seed crops, germination trials and personal favorites ) in this seed starting medium, and now we are including it in our seed cup kits.
This mix ships in a dry brick form for easy handling and storage, and you use the giant zip lock bag that the kit is packaged in for mixing, just open the zip lock bag, place the brick inside, add one gallon of water ( save a gallon milk jug, fill it all the way full and it is the perfect amount to add to one brick ) and watch it expand to over 2 gallons very quickly, it starts swelling just as soon as the water is added.
Makes the perfect seed starting mix as it will never pack down like soil, it absorbs water readily, but it drains well also and does not trap moisture against seeds like peat pellets can do. Made from a single sterile source, it will never contain foreign weed seeds or diseases. This brick-sized concentrated seed starting mix is made from coir ( renewable coconut fiber ), it is sterile and makes an excellent natural soil alternative. No dirt means it is clean to handle, and it is good for the environment as it is made from a natural renewable resource.
Unused mix can be stored for later use, creating no waste.

While it is great when used for seed sowing, plugs and transplants, it may also be used for growing flowers and vegetables in baskets and containers. It is a truly versatile mix that can be used for growing just about anything.

After germination, young seedlings face a new battle, the wet soil that can promote fungal grow and "damping off" in areas that do not have good air circulation, or in cases where the disease is common. Young tomato and pepper seedlings often have a very high failure rate due to poor germination, or seedlings dying soon after germination when they are exposed to "damping off".

We had the same problems in our greenhouses, until we developed a product designed to overcome these limitations. Our system makes protecting young seedlings a snap, using our exclusive SeedShield Seed Covering enhanced with Dampaide , which is simply sprinkled over the top of the soil ( about an 1/8" thick ) after seeds are sowed.

SeedShield Seed Covering enhanced with Dampaide allows light penetration, yet holds moisture in place for seeds, and helps prevent Damping Off of Seedlings and offers protection against Fungus Gnats, a common problem with young tiny seedlings.
We include a one cup packet of SeedShield with our kit.

Order your Seedman's 20 Cup Seed Starter Kits now! These sell out about as fast as we can make them.

SSWAF 20 Cup Seed Starting Kit
Each kit contains:
20 Each Jiffy Spaghnum/Wood Fiber Cups 4" x 3¾"
1 Concentrated Seed Starting Brick ( makes more than enough for 20 cups )
1 Cup SeedSheild Seed Covering
1 pack of 20 each 5" Plant Labels
 Seedman's Special Seed Starting Kits$19.95
Seed Starter Expanding Soil Pellets (with Worm Castings!)
One half inch WONDER SOIL® wafers enriched with worm castings. Use in small seed starter cells, around roots and as a booster to the soil of existing plants. Promotes faster germination with more sprout success.
These small pellets are ideal for small containers or to sprinkle around your outside plantings. The addition of worm castings adds just the right amount of organic fertilizer and make this product perfect for soil enrichment and starting off seed and seedlings in containers. The 1lb container will make over ten pounds of enriched potting soil.

View Wondersoil expanding pellets video.

  $12.95  Per tube
Wonder Soil Reground®
Wonder Soil Reground is made from Wonder Soil wafers that have been reground into thousands of expanding granules. Easy to pour and expand where needed. One pound expands to fill 20 or more 4" cups when rehydrated with water.
Wonder Soil Reground is easier to use and slightly more economical than wafers.
  5 Pound Bag of Wonder Soil Reground $39.95 ( Comes with 8 ounce measuring cup )
Note: We can only ship these products inside the USA.