Kashmir Cypress Tree Seeds

Important Note: Most of the seeds on this page will benefit greatly from using the Cold Stratification Kits that we use in our own greenhouses. We find we receive significantly better and faster germination results when we use this on this variety of seeds.

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3467 Kashmir Cypress ( Cupressus darjeelingensis )
This beautiful evergreen conifer from south Tibet grows to 40 to 60 feet tall. It has a narrowly pyramidal shape with upright main branches and long (often several feet) pendulous branchlets bearing blue-green, aromatic foliage.
Not only is it beautiful but, in the right conditions, it is fast growing, reaching at least 20 feet in the first 10 years. It is a stunning lawn specimen and being evergreen also serves the practical use as a screen or barrier.
Kashmir cypress has a broadly conical, relaxed growth habit, meaning it is less rigid and upright than most cypresses. The foliage, in addition to it glaucous-blue beauty, is very aromatic, and hangs in pendulous, flat sprays. As the tree matures the weeping form becomes more pronounced and elegant. It is hardy to about 15-20°F.
  200mg Package of about 25 seeds $2.95

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