Common Lilac Seeds

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3076 Common Lilac ( Syringa Vulgaris )
One of the most popular lilacs is the Common Lilac variety. This shrub or small tree growing to about 10 feet tall has been a favorite for generations because you can essentially ignore it and it will give you a fantastic spring color show full of fabulous fragrance every single year, without fail. Lovely lavender flower clusters sit against dark-green, heart-shaped leaves, and the fragrance is just captivating.
There is nothing that compares with the smell of lilacs in spring. All you have to do is plant it in a sunny spot and take a little care not to get too much lawn fertilizer near the base, or you'll have lots of foliage and not a lot of flowers. The Common Lilac will grow quite tall and serve well as a pretty hedge or privacy screen, but is just plain lovely as an accent plant. In North American gardens, it can withstand severe winters; in fact, it actually requires a killing freeze to grow well.
Best suited for zones 3-7.
Excellent hummingbird and butterfly plant.
Uses: foundation plant, shrub border, groupings and mass plantings specimen.
  250mg package ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.75

Important Note: The seeds on this page must be cold stratified, we recommend using the Seedman Cold Stratification Kit for the best results. This is how we germinate these seeds in our own greenhouses. We find we receive significantly better germination results when we use our cold stratification media over other types, plus it is very simple and easy to use.

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