Winter Savory Seeds

Aromatic, culinary, and medicinal.Dried leaves scent potpourris. Winter savory has a stronger flavor than summer savory.
Fresh or dried leaves are used to flavor vinegars, herb butters, bean dishes, creamy soups, and tea. Winter savory can be grown in containers. It is said to have some medicinal qualities.
Useful gardening information
Start the Winter Savory seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last expected frost. Lightly cover the herb seeds and keep them moist. Plant the young herb plants out once the temperatures are consistently warmer.

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HR250 Winter Savory ( Satureja montana )
Winter Savory is a must-have herb for the herb garden. It is a woody perennial with dark green, shiny, pinnate leaves and it has a stiff texture. It is an evergreen and has small white flowers in the summer.
Plants can be pruned to form a low-growing aromatic hedge for the herb garden. It prefers a location in full sun and average well-drained soil. Once it is established, the plant does not require a lot of water. Plants do well in containers. The plants are also very attractive to beneficial insects.
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