Wonder Soil® Instant Potting Mix
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WSOIL01 Tube WonderSoil Wafers
Are you tired of lifting heavy bags of potting soil, and trying to find places to store what's left over after a project? Your problems are solved with a tube of Wonder Soil Wafers. Just a cup of water, and one soil wafer expands to 14 times its original volume.

Great for seed starting, one wafer fills a 4-inch pot. Or add water to all 18 in the 1-pound tube and you'll have the equivalent of a 10-pound bag of regular potting soil. This lightweight, soilless medium is made of coconut coir, peat moss and water-absorbing polymers.

An excellent potting mix for all types of plants, including houseplants, palms, cacti and container vegetables.

Allows you to mix only the amount of potting soil you need when you need it, extra wafers store away until you need them again.

View Expanding Soil Wafers video.

Wonder Soil is fertilizer-rich dehydrated peat which expands when you add water. One 14 oz. container is equivalent to 10 lbs. of regular soil. Its coir-peat mixture with polymers and nutrients allows it to absorb, store and release water so that you have to water your plants much less often than you would with normal potting soil.

  $12.95  Per tube of 18 wafers.
Seed Starter Expanding Soil Pellets (with Worm Castings!)
One half inch WONDER SOIL® wafers enriched with worm castings. Use in small seed starter cells, around roots and as a booster to the soil of existing plants. Promotes faster germination with more sprout success.
These small pellets are ideal for small containers or to sprinkle around your outside plantings. The addition of worm castings adds just the right amount of organic fertilizer and make this product perfect for soil enrichment and starting off seed and seedlings in containers. The 1lb container will make over ten pounds of enriched potting soil.

View Wondersoil expanding pellets video.

  $12.95  Per tube
New! Improved and Enhanched Wonder Soil Reground®
Wonder Soil Reground is made from Wonder Soil wafers that have been reground into thousands of expanding granules. And then Mycorrhizae, biosol, lime, gypsum and kelp starter nutrients are added. Easy to pour and expand where needed. A one lb. bag expands to 10 lbs. when rehydrated with water. Wonder Soil Reground is easier to use and slightly more economical than wafers.
  Five Pound Bag of Wonder Soil Reground ( shown in photo to left ) with scoop $34.95