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A note from one of our customers:

"I have been trying to grow large pumpkins for a few years now and have not had much luck. Last year I got a few varieties from you and had the best luck I have ever had. I grew a 55 pound Big Moon pumpkin that won first prized in the fair!
I an sold on your seeds they are the best I have ever tried" Dave, California

JM110 Dill's Atlantic Giant
Here it is, the gigantic pumpkin that holds the world's record for size (1,810 pounds!) If you want to grow the pumpkin of your dreams, Dill's Atlantic Giant is the variety you must grow!
It's easy to grow 400- to 500-pound golden-orange fruits with this amazing variety. Rough-skinned and beautifully ribbed, the pumpkins just keep going and going at an astonishing rate. You've got to try it for yourself! Seed cavity is small. Flesh is meaty, makes great pies. 130 days.
Tips on How to Grow Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkins
 10 Seeds $2.95
JM189 Blue Doll Hybrid
A great all around pumpkin for the home gardener. It produces 20-25 pound pumpkins good for decoration and eating.
Blue Doll is an eye-catching blue pumpkin that has a flattened shape with deep ribbing. It's sweet deep-orange flesh can be used for pies, soup and gourmet culinary delights. Full vine. PM tolerant. 100 days.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95
JM153 Autumn Crown F1 Hybrid Pumpkin
New! Miniature Long Island Cheese type.
Fantastic squash with excellent eating quality. Avg. fruit yield is 3-5 fruits per plant. Medium-long vine. Extremely uniform, buff-colored fruit. Combines the attractive skin and flesh characteristics of a butternut with a superior shape and great flavor. Internal color is bright orange with a small seed cavity. Fruits have the aroma of sweet melon when cut. 2-4 lb fruits.
  Package of 5 seeds $3.95
TRN752 Autumn Gold
This All-America Selections Winner is a perfect choice for Halloween carving and cooking. High-yielding plants produce golden orange, 9 inch pumpkins with thick orange flesh, each about 7 to 10 lbs. Spreads 12 to 20 feet in the garden, with three to five pumpkins per vine.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95

Jim's Tip: How to roast pumpkin seeds
Preheat oven to 300.
Combine 1 Teaspoon oil or melted butter plus ½ teaspoon salt per cup of seeds. If you like, you can add other spices like pepper, paprika, and/or garlic.
Toss seeds with oil mixture until well coated.
Spread evenly on a cookie sheet.
Bake until golden, about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Let cool on paper towels

AW37 Lady Godiva "Naked Seed" Pumpkin

This is an improved strain of the Styrian Hulless of Austria that is grown for it's nutritious seeds. Large, green/gold pumpkins up to 20 lbs. on strong, large-leaved vines. Grown for the outstanding, large, naked (hulless) seeds which are nutritious, delicious raw or roasted, and can also be pressed for a high-quality oil. Use flesh for pies, soups, casseroles. This has decorative qualities, as well with its mottled yellow and green skin. 120 days.
  Package of 10 seeds $2.95
IP101 Styrian Pumpkin "Naked Seed Pumpkin"
This is the famous Styrian Hulless Seed Pumpkin of Austria that is grown for it's nutritious seeds. These pumpkins have a seed that is encased only in a thin membrane, which may be consumed along with the seed.
The seeds can be lightly toasted with a little salt or eaten raw and uncooked. This is a convenient protein source, a good snack or addition to smoothies, salads or salad dressing.
Seeds are very tasty, rich in unsaturated fat, an immune tonic and tonic to the reproductive organs of both females and males. Consumption of the seed is a specific for treating benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) as well as prostate cancer. The flesh of the pumpkin is thin, bright yellow, coarse textured, tasty, and sugary, 120 days.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95
TRN724 Pepitas Hybrid "Naked Seed Pumpkin"
AAS winner in both the decorative and culinary arenas! All-purpose variety - Strong handle; beautiful golden orange rinds with dark green streaks; delicious, nutritious flesh and bountiful "naked" tender,succulent, nutty seeds for roasting!
Vining plants produce 5-6 uniform round, smooth fruits that weigh 9-12 lb and measure 12-14" wide. Tolerant: Powdery Mildew. Resistant: Southern Root Rot. 90 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95
G150 Bright Red French Pumpkin
Also known as Cinderella Pumpkin. Most unusual!. A reddish orange pumpkin that is shaped flat and resembles a bright red cheese wheel more than a pumpkin. The 12-16 lb. fruits produce a sweet orange flesh that is great for pumpkin pies. A definite must for fall decorations.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.25
JM187 Mr Wrinkles Pumpkin
Deep ribs, big size. Deep orange colour and strong handles. Mr. Wrinkles is very productive and has lots of character, giving it an old time pumpkin appearance. Barrel shaped 25-35 lb pumpkins are borne on strong indeterminate vines. Matures in 100 days.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.95
JM161 Casperita Hybrid
Casperita is a great personal size hybrid winter squash. This white pumpkin with a green handle exhibits a classic pumpkin shape with deep ridges. Casperita has a Semi-bush habit that is a very good producer. This outstanding pumpkin also features flesh and sugars similar to Acorn type squash. Casperita combines a stunning look with a great classic pumpkin shape and can be used for ornamental and edible purposes. Powdery Mildew Race 2, WMV tolerance. 77 days. 8 ounces to 1 lb. size.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 5 seeds $2.95
TRN445 Full Moon
This enormous, white pumpkin will eclipse all others in the pumpkin patch. Easily reaching a huge 25 inches tall and 30 inches in diameter, this smooth-skinned behemoth weighs in from 60-90 pounds. A staggering display as a jack-o'-lantern.
st the pumpkins when they are porcelain-white. If left in the field too long, they will turn to a creamy-beige. After harvest, store in a shady spot to maintain the white color. Great for carving, and the thick yellow flesh is also fine for pies. 125 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 5 seeds $2.95
TRN721 Super Moon
Delicious and Ornamental! Vigorous plants produce deep green leaves that vividly contrast the ghostly white, smooth, blemish-free fruits weighing 25-50 lbs, measuring 15-18 inches across. Sturdy stems. Expect 2-4 fruits per plant. Deep orange flesh is exceptional roasted or in soups. Tolerant: Powdery Mildew. 90 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 5 seeds $2.95
TRN446 Windsor Hybrid
A perfect choice for the garden, it has compact productive plants with good weather tolerance.
Ideal plant for the open ground or in containers. Its compact neat habit also makes it an excellent choice for mixed flower and vegetable planters. Will not become tall and trail a long way as other pumpkins, it stays compact yet offers a good yeild.
The tough skinned fruits mature to a bright orange oblate pumpkin fruit which stores for a long period.
Has a wonderful nutty flavor. 85 days.
 5 seeds $2.95
JM162 Tandy Hybrid
Tandy features a strikingly beautiful off-white color with a strong, medium dark green handle. Tandy is an excellent yielder with a medium vine habit. Ideal as an edible pumpkin or novelty colored pumpkin. 90 days. 12-15 lb.
 5 seeds $2.95
JM163 Silver Moon Hybrid
An Australian type with dark orange flesh. Uniform (5-6 lb.) in size and shape, this pumpkin is very oblate, shallow and pale blue in color with silvery white striping and speckling. Tolerant to Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus and Powdery mildew. 95-100 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 5 seeds $2.95
SF137 Lanky Leon Hybrid
10-15 pound pumpkins. This is a unique pumpkin with a long, narrow shape and orange skin. The handles are firmly attached to pumpkins. Adding a Lanky Leon will complete your festive harvest arrangement. The semi-bush vines are high yielding. C. pepo. Resistant to PM Races 1 and 2. 85 days.
 5 seeds $2.95
FA12 Gooligan F1 PMT Pumpkin
Jack B. Little hybrid, a miniature decorative pumpkin. White mottled colors. Excellent ornamental for fall sales. Vines are vigorous with excellent cover and produce high numbers of fruit.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.35
JF306 Moonscape Hybrid
Moonscape F1 Hybrid pumpkin is round with deep ribbing, reddish skin with dimpling and bright yellow, high quality, thick flesh. Moonscape F1 has a trailing vine habit and is an excellent yielder of large, heavy fruit. Moonscape F1 is great as an edible squash or novelty colored pumpkin. Great for carving! 100 days. 15-18 lbs.
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JM174 Winter Luxury
This beautiful pumpkin was introduced by Johnson and Stokes in 1893. Lovely 6-lb golden fruit have white netting and are perfect for pies. In fact, this is one of the best tasting pie pumpkins you can grow; with very sweet and smooth flesh, it's a favorite of all who grow it. The Winter Luxury pumpkin is universally loved and regarded as one of the best and sweetest baking pumpkins available. Uniformly shaped with white netted skin, it also keeps well. 95 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 5 seeds $2.95
JM175 Flatso Hybrid
Weighing only 6 to 8 pounds, Flatso is an excellent edible or novelty colored pumpkin. It features a great handle attachment with a dark stem and has a flat oval shape, moderate ribbing and a burnt orange skin. An excellent yielder. 85 days.
 5 seeds $2.95
JM178 Indian Doll Hybrid
Indian Doll features a deep-orange color and deep-ribbing with an almost square appearance. Indian Doll's deep-orange, sweet flesh can be used for pies, soup, and gourmet culinary delights. Full vine plant habit. This pumpkin goes well with autumn decorations. Excellent Powdery Mildew tolerance. 20 to 24 pound fruits. 100 days.
 5 seeds $2.95
FA14 Bumpkin F1 PMT Pumpkin
Orange in color, semi-bush. Fruits are a little larger than Jack Be Little with strong green handles. Makes an excellent display with Gooligan. Excellent disease package.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.35
1A235 Jack-B-Quik Pumpkin
Jack-B-Quik is a more ribbed selection of Jack-B-Little with smaller, taller and darker orange fruit. This is the strain that growers prefer.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.35
FB165 Summer Ball F1 Pumpkin
A novelty variety for patio containers and small gardens.
This bush pumpkin's growth habit makes for a perfect school project. The small, round, bright orange fruit is produced in abundance. We counted 20 fruits/plant in our trials, each one averaging 3-3 1/2 lb. The early fruits can be harvested and used as round, yellow summer squash or they can be allowed to mature to form small 'pumpkins' which have a much shorter storage life than traditional pumpkin varieties. An ideal choice for use in containers or limited garden space.
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VS390 Lumina
Has smooth white skin that makes it ideal for autumn decorating. White skin will last for weeks as a jack-o-lantern compared to days for orange skinned fruits. Fruits weigh about 18-20 pounds.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 10 Seeds $1.95
1A232 Cotton Candy Pumpkin
A new Rupp white pumpkin with good handles. This blend produces a range of pumpkins between 5 and 12 pounds.
Cotton Candy is excellent for painting. Store the fruit in the dark to maintain the best white color.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.35
1A436 Howden
New from Harris Seeds, Howden is the ideal big pumpkin for decoration.
115 Days. Well established as the model for large pumpkins. With extra-thick flesh, Howden is less likely to produce lop-sided fruit and keeps in prime condition for a remarkably long time. The hard skin is ridged and has a rich dark orange color. A highly recommended Connecticut field type.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 10 Seeds $2.25
TPF223 Cornfield Pumpkin
The perfect pumpkin for Jack O' Lanterns and holiday decorations. Flattened, light skinned fruits grow to 12-15 pounds.
The name comes from an old tradition of farmers planting them alongside their corn crops for weed suppression.
Sturdy stems, good for carving and can be cooked into pies.
  Package of 10 Seeds $2.25
1A438 Connecticut Field
This Native American heirloom has a history predating 1700. The rind is hard but thin and slightly ribbed. The flesh is sweet, thick and course. Can be planted among your cornfield and used for canning or as stock feed. An easy to carve large pumpkin. Treat yourself to some really big jack-o'-lanterns next Halloween by growing a few of these large beauties. Hefty orange-gold fruits weigh 15-20 lbs. and have a flattened bottom to keep them from tipping. Noted for dependable yields. 110 Days.
  Package of 10 Seeds $2.25
1A439 Mammoth Gold
105 days. 20-25 pounds average, nearly round, smooth, faintly ribbed, golden orange. Orange flesh. Some fruit have grown in excess of 40 pounds, under controlled conditions. Used for novelty and for pies.
Available only in Treated Seed.
  Package of 10 Seeds $2.75
JM101 Aspen F1 Hybrid
85-90 days. Aspen is a very attractive, large fruited pumpkin with rich orange color. The stems are large and sturdy. Fruit grow on a vigorous, semi-bush plant. Average weight 20 pounds. Aspen stores and ships well.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 15 Seeds $2.95
JM186 Polar Bear Hybrid
Extra-large white pumpkin. Polar Bear retains its color after maturity in the field, at market, and in decorative displays. Long, vigorous vines produce fruit typically weighing 30-40 lbs. 100 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 5 Seeds $2.95
JM173 Naples Long
Beautiful, very old, Italian heirloom. These large, peanut-shaped squash can weigh 20-25 lb. The skin is a deep green that turns tan in storage. The flesh is bright orange, and the flavor is superb, rich and very sweet. Avg. 2-3 fruits/plant. 125 days.
 5 Seeds $2.95
JM106 Big Max
One of the largest pumpkins, often over 100 pounds with sufficient moisture, space and fertilizer. Bright yellow-orange flesh 3-4" thick, suitable for pies. 120 days.
 10 Seeds $2.50
Small Sugar
Outstanding for processing and pumpkin pies. The fruit is 6-8" in diameter and weighs about 6 pounds. The flesh is thick and sweet. 110 days.

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1A103 Long Island Cheese
108 days. Long Island Heirloom. Medium-large, flattened, medium-ribbed, suggesting a wheel of cheese. Smooth, tan skin. Deep orange, moderately sweet flesh for pie. Long storage.
 10 Seeds $1.95
1A443 Flat White Boer Ford
A heirloom from South Africa and one of the finest pie and general use pumpkins you can grow.
A very decorative pumpkin as well, it is very large, ribbed, and has a beautiful, unique creamy white color. It stores for a very long time so and has dense smooth creamy sweet orange flesh that is superb for cooking and baking.
Has a strong vine handle, and will easily reach 25 pounds or more. Has large seeds well suited for roasting. 115 days.
 10 Seeds $2.25
1A157 Jarrahdale
Uniquely blue-skinned pumpkin, usually weighs 7-8 lbs. with a 10 inch diameter. Excellent quality flesh. 95 days.
 10 Seeds $2.95
1A158 Orange Smoothie
(5-9 lb.) AAS Winner. Semi-bush plants produce small to medium sized orange fruits. Strong handles, smooth skin. 93 days.
Available only in Treated Seed.
 10 Seeds $2.95
1A160 Jack Be Little
Miniature pumpkin about baseball size. Used for ornamental purposes. 95 days.
 10 Seeds $3.95
FA15 Speckled Hound F1 Hybrid Pumpkin
Speckled Hound Pumpkin is the perfect addition to ornamental winter squash displays. This great tasting pumpkin exhibits light to medium color with green to blue-green splotches. Dense flesh and strong foliage gives fruit protection yet plant is open for easy harvest. Tolerant to Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus. 95-100 days.
  Package of 5 seeds $2.35
1A161 Wee-B-Little
95 Days. Tiny, round pumpkin. Remarkably miniature, about the size of a baseball, avg. 3-3 1/2"" diam. and 10-14 oz. Its shape is like a normal pumpkin. Smooth, bright orange rind. Semi-bush plants for close spacing. A nice job indeed by breeder Paul Yorty. 1999 All-American Selections winner. Avg. yield: 8 fruits per plant.
 10 Seeds $2.95
New! Jim's Plant Growth Stimulator for Pumpkins.
Jim has developed this product through years of testing on his farms. This natural, environmentally safe solution will produce amazing results, producing vigorous plants and larger fruits. We highly recommend you do you own trial test ( i.e. spray one plant with solution, next to a plant not sprayed with solution over the length of a growing season ) to fully appreciate how effective this product is.
This is a two part water soluble product that should be mixed 14.75cc of each part ( we provide measuring spoon with solution ) to one gallon of water and sprayed onto the foliage of the pumpkin leaves. It contains Food Grade H202, ( produced by nature ) Gibberellic Acid ( a natural plant growth hormone ), B1 and other plant vitamins, plant hormones, ( made from natural sources ) micro-nutrients including Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Sulfur (S) and Zinc (Zn) plus a natural detergent based "sticker" that makes the product stick to the leaves until absorbed by the plant.
This mix will make 16 gallons of solution.
  JPAG01 Plant Growth Stimulator for Pumpkins $15.95