is a family owned and operated seed business serving home gardeners, University botanical departments and research facilities in the USA and several countries abroad.

We are located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We carefully adhere to all state and federal seed laws. We test all of our seeds on a regular basis. Even though many of our seed packets are sold by weight, we still try to give an approximate seed count on our website so that you can determine how many seeds you are getting.

We have a simple satisfaction guarantee on every seed we offer. If a seed fails to germinate properly ( and it does happen when you are dealing with a diverse line of seeds like we offer, but not often, our last analysis indicated we have a customer with a seed failure about 1 in 3,185 packs of seeds we send out ), we will ask if you prefer a replacement or refund, simple as that. If you prefer a replacement, we will make any suggestions or tips we have that might make the second attempt successful.

Our business future depends on happy, repeat customers, we cannot survive without YOU!